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Foxconn looks for a board seat at Sharp as Apple HDTV nears

Manufacturing heavyweight Foxconn (2354) is reportedly interested in acquiring board seats at Sharp Electronics (6753), DigiTimes reported on Friday. The company received three non-executive board seats at Sharp Display earlier this month after >>

Apple 'iTV' confirmed by Foxconn boss [updated]

Foxconn Technology Group founder and chief executive Terry Gou has reportedly gone on record in stating that his company will soon begin manufacturing a television for Apple. Production has not yet begun, China >>

Apple to share cost of improving Foxconn working conditions

Though dozens of major consumer electronics companies make use of Foxconn Technology Group’s manufacturing services, Apple has repeatedly been singled out as bearing the responsibility to help ensure working conditions at Foxconn’s factories >>

FLA finds serious labor law violations at Foxconn

The Fair Labor Association on Thursday reported that it found serious violations of Chinese labor laws during its inspections of Foxconn’s electronics manufacturing plants in various cities across China. The inspections, which were >>

New Apple CEO goes where Steve Jobs would not

Steve Jobs took particular care to ensure the company he created continued to operate at the high levels he demanded after he left. Thanks to the processes he put in place, the procedures >>