TouchFLO 3D 2.5 gets previewed, lusted after

June 27th at 8:44 AM

TouchFLO 3D 2.5 gets previewed, lusted after

HTC’s TouchFLO 3D UI manages to make Windows Mobile hip but after HTC unveiled its Sense UI for the Hero, we’re sure that more than few of the WinMo faithful were tempted to switch over to Android to get in on all of the new hotness. But to the fanboys who dare not think of committing such heresy we ask that you take a look at the image above. It’s a screenshot from TouchFLO 3D 2.5 “Manila” (which is reportedly going to debut on the Firestone) that features many welcome enhancements over its predecessors. The home screen has been changed to allow the selection of up to three application shortcuts and support for Footprints is there as well, but to be perfectly honest its the skinning of pretty much every single Settings screen that has us excited. The less we see of the default WinMo UI we see the better. Hit the jump for a few more screenshots and a video walkthrough (in German).

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HTC Footprints makes its way into cooked ROMs and Manila2D

February 1st at 12:08 PM

HTC Footprints makes its way into cooked ROMs and Manila2D

HTC Footprints

Courtesy of the folks over at xda-developers, those sporting a variant of the HTC Touch who have a penchant for flashing ROMs can now try out HTC’s new geo-tagging Footprints feature. A new Beta ROM from NFSFAN includes a version of Manila2D with Footprints and is available for Alltel, Bell Mobility, Sprint and Verizon Wireless Touch handsets. If you don’t have a Touch and want to try out HTC Footprints, herg62123 et al has released a new version of the standalone Manila2D – a sweet Iolite version that features a Footprints tab. As always exercise caution when flashing but if you do take the plunge, boast about your success in the comments so we can all be green with envy

[Via wmpoweruser]

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