Confirmed: T-Mobile to drop FlexPay, require deposits

March 1st at 3:19 PM

Confirmed: T-Mobile to drop FlexPay, require deposits

We reported yesterday that T-Mobile will be eliminating its FlexPay plans, and we’ve now received a screen shot of an internal T-Mobile document that confirms the carrier’s plans to drop FlexPay. In its place, T-Mobile will be introducing a program that lets customers with unsatisfactory credit sign up for postpaid-like plans by leaving deposits up front. These deposits range from $50 per line to $400 per line, and will be based on the customer’s credit rating. Full deposit amounts will need to be paid at the time of activation and deposits will be refunded in their entirety after accounts have been in good standing for 12 months.

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T-Mobile to eliminate FlexPay plans

February 28th at 2:43 PM

T-Mobile to eliminate FlexPay plans

We don’t have too much information to share on this one, but here’s the meat of it: T-Mobile USA is going to be getting rid of its FlexPay plans. Our tipster said that T-Mobile should soon announce, or at least communicate internally what, if anything, will replace the FlexPay option for customers.

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T-Mobile formally announces its Even More and Even More Plus plans

October 25th at 12:52 PM

T-Mobile formally announces its Even More and Even More Plus plans


We’ve been following T-Mobile’s Project Dark ever since it was a little twinkle in the eyes of Robert Dotson’s crew, but now the day has come for it all to become official. There are a lot of different options to chose from, but for simplicities sake we’re going to focus on the two biggies. Individuals will be able to get unlimited talk, texts and web for $99.99 with Even More (Contract) and $79.99 with Even More Plus (no contract). We admit that the plans aren’t anywhere near as good as we or anyone else had initially thought, and no doubt a lot of people who sign a contract aren’t going to be thrilled at paying a lot more than their contract-free counterparts, but hey, at least another major carrier has entered the unlimited business for the second time. Now where are those new handsets at?

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Project Dark confirmed to include unlimited plans, FlexPay

October 17th at 8:32 PM

Project Dark confirmed to include unlimited plans, FlexPay


Remember what we said about T-Mobile’s Project Dark this morning? Well, as is the typical BGR fashion, our word essentially turned into gold as one of our T-Mobile connects just hit us up with a ton of Project Dark documents. While we’re still waiting on information when it comes to handsets and the rapid expansion of its AWS 3G network, Project Dark does indeed included unlimited services, although things like data and texts look as if they come in the form of add-ons. The Even More and Even More Plus plans we talked about are also real. Even More does require a 2-year contract commitment which allows for handset subsidies, whereas Even More Plus plans does not require a contract and does not include subsidies. However, that’s where the new FlexPay system comes into play, and boy is this going to be big. Customers will be able to walk away with the handset of their dreams and pay for it in monthly installments just like they would for that big leather couch they can’t really afford but really, really want. Goodies are after the jump.

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