Palm announces Q1 2010 results

September 17th at 6:17 PM

Palm announces Q1 2010 results


Palm today announced its Q1 results for the fiscal year 2010. The struggling handset maker moved 823,000 devices in Q1, the bulk of which Palm claims to have been Pre handsets. Unbelievably, the company still managed to avoid giving any firm numbers with regards to Pre sales, meaning it’s now extremely safe to say they fell well short of meeting expectations. Total revenue was $68mm compared to $368mm in Q1 2009, and gross profit was $2.8mm in the red. It gets worse, unfortunately. You see, accountants have this thing called GAAP, and it does a much better job of showing the financial health of a company compared to other methods. When you apply GAAP to Palm’s Q1, you’re left with a net loss of $164.5mm compared to the $41.9mm loss posted in Q1 of 2009. Long story short: we’re not out of the woods just yet, Palm fans.



RIM’s Q3 results beat expectations

December 20th at 1:54 PM

RIM’s Q3 results beat expectations

Just after the North American markets closed this Thursday, RIM announced its Q3 earnings. While many analysts believed that RIM would have a hard time meeting its adjusted earnings forcast, RIM actually exceeded them, but just barely. In this day and age, exceeding a forecast is nothing short of a coup, even if by a fraction of a percentage point. RIM’s revenue came in at $2.78 billion, up 7.9% from Q2, while net income totaled $396.5 million (adjusted net income stood at $477.3 million). Earnings were $0.83 per share diluted, which beat expectations by $0.01. As for Q4, RIM is expecting strong sales which strangely enough is thanks in part to previous delays for the Bold and Storm. Because both devices were released at the tail end of Q3, it is expected that the high demand for them will help RIM weather what has been predicted by some to be one of the worst holiday retail seasons in recent history.

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