Baubax Travelers Jacket

This MacGyver-esque travel jacket has 15 compartments, each one cooler than the next

July 15th at 5:05 PM

This MacGyver-esque travel jacket has 15 compartments, each one cooler than the next

An intriguing new Kickstarter campaign features a multi-functional jacket that would make MacGyver proud. Since going live on Tuesday morning, the campaign has already raised more than half a million dollars, far exceeding a modest initial goal of $20,000.

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Louis Vuitton Apple iPad case hands-on

November 29th at 12:31 PM

Louis Vuitton Apple iPad case hands-on

Well, well, well… it’s finally here. In limited quantities, perhaps, but that’s beside the point. Originally set to be released in 2011, Louis Vuitton has started to ship its Monogram and Damier Graphite iPad cases to select stores. If you own or have ever seen a Louis Vuitton iPhone case, this one isn’t too much different — it’s larger, of course, and a little more luxurious. The case is assembled by stitching the canvas on the outside which provides a perfectly neat seam on the inside for your iPad to sit in. The case on the inside is lined with classic Louis microfiber to protect, and even wipe your device each time you pull it out or slide it in. There is also of course a notch on the end to help grab the iPad as you remove it from the case. We’ll get a better sense for how the case slowly adapts to the shape of the iPad over time, but for now, the fit is snug without being overly tight, though the curved iPad case leaves some room towards the outer opening of the case which isn’t completely ideal. If you’ve been looking for a high end case to carry your iPad in, and the Gucci or even Chanel ones won’t do, we’d say this is a pretty solid choice. The Louis Vuitton iPad case sells for $340.


Info on LG’s seizure-inducing KC560 emerges

November 10th at 7:32 PM

Info on LG’s seizure-inducing KC560 emerges

LG has been coming out with so many sexy phones lately, we almost forgot about the various snafus the Korean manufacturer is known to have. Take the KC560 for example. Sure the specs don’t look to be overly disappointing, but just wait until you get a phone call and the colorful array of LEDs around the controls begin flashing in beat with your ringtone. Ugh.

  • Tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900), GPRS/EDGE connectivity
  • 2.4″ 262K color QVGA TFT display
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • FM radio
  • USB and Bluetooth
  • microSD memory card slot

Clearly this phone is intended for the kids in the house and if you happen to be the parent of a child who happens upon one of these handsets, we recomend a hammer to remedy the situation, or at least some handy work with black electrical tape. Finally, a phone we’ll all be to keep on the other side of the pond.