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China uncovers 22 additional fake Apple Stores

Authorities with China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce have uncovered 22 additional fake Apple Store outlets in Kunming, the largest city in the Yunnan Province, Reuters reported on Thursday. Kunming is where a >>

BlackBerry OS 6.0 shots surface? Probably not

Take this as you will, but we’ve been told the images floating around of “BlackBerry OS 6.0” are nothing more than concept mockups that were originally made for RIM’s MWC presentation. You might >>

Google Chrome OS screenshots leaked? [UPDATED]

Nary a day after its announcement, a hastily made, WordPress.com-hosted blog claims to have the first ever pictures of the new Google Chrome OS. The OS was purportedly installed on an aging dual >>

BlackBerry Bold video mimics iPhone, except it’s fake

Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. “How many different ways can you present a phone on video?” “No, it’s not copying the iPhone commercials and video walkthroughs.” “You’re an Apple fanboy!” Blah, blah >>