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Second generation AppleTV jailbroken with SHAtter exploit

If you picked yourself up a second generation AppleTV, or plan to, it looks like you’ll be able to get your jailbreak on; assuming you’re into that sort of thing. Dev-team member MuscleNerd has posted >>

Twitter patches onMouseOver vulnerability

Well that didn’t take long. Twitter hath just tweeted that they have identified and patched the JavaScript, onMouseOver, cross-site-scripting vulnerability that had been running amuck on its website this morning. It is once again >>

Comex releases iOS PDF-exploit source code

Comex, the developer of the jailbreakme.com 2.0 website, has released the source code for the PDF exploit found in un-patched versions of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The code has been called “impressive” and “dangerous” by >>

Serious Safari security flaw found

If you are a Mac user, and fancy Safari as your default internet browser, you are going to want to pay attention to this one. A bug found in Safari’s AutoFill feature can allow >>

Google researcher outs zero-day exploit in Windows XP

On June 5th, Google researcher Tavis Ormandy notified Microsoft of a very serious bug in the Windows Help and Support Center of Windows XP. The report Ormandy provided to Microsoft detailed how arbitrary >>