HP announces Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.0

October 19th at 9:49 AM

HP announces Palm Pre 2, webOS 2.0

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise following a series of leaks, but HP finally made the Palm Pre 2 and accompanying webOS 2.0 official this morning. Starting with the latter, the newest iteration of Palm’s highly acclaimed OS boasts features such as “True Multitasking” (zing!), “Just Type”, the rebranded “HP Synergy” and more. WebOS 2.0 also introduces us to “Exhibition”, a feature that allows apps to trigger events when a Palm phone is placed on a Touchstone dock or removed from the dock. As for the Palm Pre 2, there are really no surprises as far as specs are concerned. The rumored 1 GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera and glass touchscreen are all present and accounted for. Further details are scarce, so the only surprise is the fact that the Pre 2 will launch this Friday, October 22, in France. U.S. availability is still unclear, unfortunately — HP says the handset will launch “in the coming months” from Verizon Wireless.

Of course most were hoping for a more significant hardware refresh when HP’s first post-Palm smartphone announcement came around, but we have to start somewhere. Hit the jump for the full press release with all the juicy details.

UPDATE: More specs for the Plam Pre 2 are now available. Highlights include a 3.1-inch HVGA multitouch glass display, 16GB of internal storage, GPS, Exchange support, an accelerometer, ambient light and proximity sensors, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a 3.5mm audio port. More →


webOS 2.0 SDK getting limited release starting today

August 31st at 2:33 PM

webOS 2.0 SDK getting limited release starting today

Finally! Palm has announced that they will begin to roll out the webOS 2.0 SDK — in a limited capacity — to developers starting today. The company isn’t talking about what webOS 2.0 will bring to consumers, but they are touting some of the major overhauls and additions that developers can look forward to. Some of those improvements include:

  • Exhibition for Touchstone— Exhibition will allow developers to code their applications to perform custom actions when your webOS device is plugged into the Touchstone charger. If you have a Touchstone on your bedside table, and want your custom alarm program to be activated when the device hits the charger, this is now possible.
  • HTML5 Improvements — The HTML5 abilities of webOS will be improved with geolocation support and offline caching among other niceties.
  • Deep JavsScript access— Developers will be given access to lower level JavaScript functions. This will allow program creators to control a plethora of low-level I/O data.
  • Just Type feature — Palm has decided to give “universal search” a new tagline, Just Type. Just Type will have an API open to developers that will allow them to harness the functionality using their applications own data. The Just Type feature will also have something called “Quick Actions.” Our understanding of this feature is typing something like: “send tweet I love webOS” will result in said Twitter message being pushed out without the application ever being opened.
  • Stacks feature — Stacks is going to allow actions taken within the same workflow to be grouped together into cards. If you are in an email and click on a link, the browser card and email card will be “stacked” together. You can custom order cards into stacks if you wish but by default webOS 2.0 will be doing this for you.

This all sounds really, really promising. We just hope this snazzy sounding OS is paired with some new hardware… and fast. Hit the read link to read the good news yourself. More →