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Carrier Wars: Sprint speed test results

It’s here, mobile fans. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The results you’ve been itching for. The numbers you’ve been clamoring for. The… Ok, you get the idea. Last week we asked Sprint >>

Carrier Wars: Next up, Sprint

Welcome back to Carrier Wars, the ongoing feature where we ask our readers to post their 3G speed test results, we collect the data and dish the outcome, and then a bunch of >>

Sprint launches Sierra Wireless AirCard 402

As we weigh our options in seeking out an alternative to the USB modem that completely and utterly failed us in Vegas, a new option has just presented itself in the form of >>

Motorola Evoke QA4 mystery deepens

The Motorola QA4 gets even more mysterious as additional information about this touchscreen slider is uncovered. The handset made its way through the FCC way back in September 2008 with 800/1700/1900 CDMA bands >>

Motorola Evoke QA4 makes a cameo on Moto site

As Moto fans and curious passers-by alike sit waiting for more news on the next-generation Moto handsets we scooped back in December, one of a few interim items of interest has just popped >>

Press shots of the Motorola A455 RUSH 2 emerge

We first outed the RUSH 2 along with a ton of other Motorola handsets headed to Verizon and it looks like we’re getting closer to finally seeing one of the more interesting ones >>