DROID Incredible News

Wi-Fi security hole discovered in multiple HTC devices

HTC has acknowledged that some the company’s handsets contain a security hole involving the handling of certain data requests while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Security researchers Chris Hessing and Bret Jordan discovered >>

HTC DROID Incredible OTA update begins rolling out

Verizon Wireless began rolling out a new minor software update Thursday evening. While the listed improvements are hardly earth shattering, there is one addition that is of particular interest: Verizon’s V CAST Apps >>

HTC Droid Incredible gets rooted

Good news for all of the HTC Droid Incredible owners out there, as over the weekend the Android community finally managed to bring root access for the Incredible within reach of the masses. >>

HTC DROID Incredible giveaway winners!

Please join us in congratulating Frechman and DevKid as the winners of our HTC DROID Incredible giveaway. There were 9,490 comments that made it in before the April 29th 11:59pm deadline, however — >>

Official: HTC Nexus One not coming to Verizon Wireless

We’re not sure this really matters, but…it looks like Verizon Wireless will not be getting the HTC Nexus One after all. If you direct your browser over to Google’s phone purchasing site, you’ll >>