doubleTwist launches Android media player, can sync iTunes metadata

June 3rd at 8:37 PM

doubleTwist launches Android media player, can sync iTunes metadata

doubleTwist media player

doubleTwist, a company whose vision is “to create a unifying media platform that connects consumers with all their media and all their devices,” has just released a full-featured media player for your Android device. Sporting a very appealing UI, the new media player allows users to sync and update media from the doubleTwist desktop client (available for both Mac and PC) directly to their Android device. A new, and fairly huge, feature that the doubleTwist Android player packs is the ability to recognize metadata from an iTunes library. This gives long time users of iTunes — who don’t fancy the iPhone — a choice of media players and a legitimate exit strategy from iTunes. Users can change media players — while retaining the ability to sync seamlessly with a mobile device — and not give up playlist, song rating, and play count data accumulated over days, months, or years of iTunes. Go ahead and give the new doubleTwist Android media player a shot, and do let us know what you think.

NOTE: you can also checkout Songbird as a cross-platform iTunes alternative.

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doubleTwist brings Android Market browsing to the desktop

March 31st at 11:05 AM

doubleTwist brings Android Market browsing to the desktop

doubleTwist Logo

Cross-platform phone synchronization tool doubleTwist is adding some welcomed functionality to its flagship program by including support for Android’s Market. The new feature will allow users of doubleTwist to browse the latest Android Market offerings from within dT right on their desktop. It does, however, come with a “twist.” See what we did just there? The ability to download an Android app to your desktop and sync to your phone via USB — a la iTunes — is not an option. Instead, doubleTwist will display app QR codes which, when scanned by Android, will link your device directly to the Android Market’s page for the application in question. From there you know what to do: download, rinse, and repeat. doubleTwist is promising to implement over-the-air downloads sometime this summer in order to provide a more seamless experience. The new feature does come with a fairly annoying, albeit minor, limitation: you can’t sort applications by category or genre. The Market browsing feature is set to hit the Mac version of doubleTwist today and its Windows counterpart “soon.” A web directory of the Market has also been launched and can be found here: What are your thoughts? More →