White iPad 2 could be in the works

February 28th at 8:30 AM

White iPad 2 could be in the works

The white iPhone 4 has yet to come to fruition, but it looks like that hasn’t deterred Apple from experimenting with future, pale products. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is working on a white iteration of its yet-to-be-announced iPad 2. The information comes courtesy of the above image, which is purportedly a white bezel (also known as the digitizer) from the next generation iPad. The above bezel looks extremely similar to leaked images of the black digitizer that have been circulating the Web. It also appears to match the design of potential iPad 2 screen protectors revealed earlier this month. Hit the jump for a second image showing the rear side of the panel, and sit tight until March 2nd when all this should be hashed out. More →


Apple iPhone 5 front part leaks? [updated]

February 26th at 5:47 PM

Apple iPhone 5 front part leaks? [updated]

If 9to5Mac is correct, the photo you see above, that originally appeared on a Chinese reseller of Apple’s parts’ website, is the front digitizer panel for the next generation iPhone. Set to be announced in June, the iPhone 5 has been rumored to include a larger display in the 4-inch range, bumping up from the 3.5-inch size that Apple has used since the handset’s original introduction and features an edge-to-edge screen. In addition to the larger display, the new iPhone is said to be completely redesigned even though the iPhone 4 introduced just six months ago was a radical departure from the previous models.

UPDATE: Sorry ladies and gents, it looks like this is just a Photoshop job. More →


Apple iPhone 4 available now in white… if you're up for the challenge

July 27th at 1:12 PM

Apple iPhone 4 available now in white… if you're up for the challenge

While it seems Apple isn’t able to manufacture enough of the white iPhone 4 model, white iPhone 4 parts have started to become available. In fact, you’ll actually remember that there were white parts before the phone was even announced. Recently, however, the white iPhone 4 front and rear case pieces have been harder and harder to come by giving credibility that there actually is some sort of manufacturing problem Apple needs to overcome with the white variant. We hit up our friends at CNN.cn, and they have come through for us, but in our first go-around, we witnessed first hand one possible issue Apple might be facing with the front white display assembly. In our second go-around, we realized even more manufacturing/production problems.

After disassembling our black iPhone 4 oh-so-carefully, and then putting everything back together with the new white front LCD and powering it up, we noticed something… odd. The LCD itself looked fine (beautiful as ever) but the screen was kind of transparent. Not transparent like you could see the phone’s internal components through the display, but there wasn’t a proper backing it seemed. Yet when we disassembled the phone again to switch back to the black display, we compared both and they looked identical.

Round 2… After CNN.cn sent us another white LCD to try, we noticed a couple things. First off, those whispers of Apple not being happy with the exact color or tint of white are probably true. There’s a noticeable difference between the actual white glass LCD front and the white plastic home button. Second, the white LCD front display is a tad thicker (the glass it seems), and when the phone was assembled, this made the home button feel very out of place. It didn’t feel right because it was sunk in a little bit. Lastly, the proximity sensor didn’t work at all. We’ll be trying Round 3 pretty soon when our package from China arrives.

We’re not sure what’s going on with the white models, but once we have a fully working white unit, we’ll care a little less. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the fully assembled white unit, but will do so when it’s up and running.

Thanks to Richard Lai for the emotional support!


LCD components for 4th generation iPod Touch reveal hole for front-facing camera?

July 8th at 6:31 PM

LCD components for 4th generation iPod Touch reveal hole for front-facing camera?


International trade company Alibaba has posted two purported components for the next generation iPod Touch. These products include an LCD assembly unit with digitizer and a stand-alone digitizer (both of which include a hole in the top center of the assembly that could be used for a front-facing camera). These components potentially support the notion of a front-facing camera put forth earlier by UK retailer John Lewis, however, as MacRumors points out, the implied back-to-back positioning of a front and rear-facing camera on a device as slim as the iPod Touch is difficult, if not impossible. If Apple was going to include a center front-facing camera as shown above, the rear camera must be positioned to the side or removed completely. In light of this camera positioning information, what do you think? Real or just some fake knock-offs?

[Via 9to5 Mac] More →


Apple iPhone 4G to be taller than its predecessor, sport a larger display?

February 9th at 12:19 PM

Apple iPhone 4G to be taller than its predecessor, sport a larger display?


Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, some claimed fourth generation iPhone parts have emerged from the corn fields business district of Olathe, Kansas. The supposed parts arrived at iResQ, an iPhone repair shop, and include a front panel which iResQ notes is 1/4 inch taller than the iPhone 3GS. This small increase in size could potentially translate into an iPhone with a 3.7 inch display, a size which is fast becoming the industry standard. The front panel also has a small reflective surface right above the earpiece that, no, is not a vanity mirror but may be a spot for the proximity sensor, a location that differs from the previous iPhone models. Bad news for those that are hard on their phone and tend to break not just the glass but the LCD panels underneath, as the LCD is reportedly glued to the digitizer and must be replaced together as an all-in-one unit. We don’t need to remind you that this dual-pieced part may cost a small arm and leg to replace. Last but not least, make sure your Martini glass is lined with a bit of salt as you’ll need those extra white granules while reading the unconfirmed contents of this post.

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