QuickPwn Pwns iPhone Pwnage

August 18th at 12:39 PM

QuickPwn Pwns iPhone Pwnage

Windows users rejoice; the iPhone Dev Team has just released a new treat for you. The appropriately-named QuickPwn in its finished state will allow users to jailbreak their iPhones quickly and easily with only a few simple steps. For the time being, the Dev Team is clear in stating that the current version is still in early development phase though most features are in working order.

What you’re getting here is a development version (mostly feature complete) of an upcoming tool that we see as a complement to our current PwnageTool. It’s not ready for everyone just yet, but with a bit of expertise, it should work nicely for those of you adventurous enough to try it.

Currently QuickPwn requires your device to be running version 2.0.1 of the iPhone/iPod firmware. This requirement will change in a subsequent release.

QuickPwn uses a new jailbreak technique that “has been available to the iPhone research and hacking community for about 5 days now (if you looked hard enough).” Apparently that’s all the time it took to determine that the solution was ready for prime time. So far, reports are decidedly positive as many claim the tool to be working just fine. All the same, the less tech savvy and those with weak stomachs should likely hold off until a release version is issued. 3G Unlocking is still not supported by the way, so we’ll all have to sit tight hoping that the Dev Team will soon prevail.



iPhone 3G: Released Friday, Pwned Tuesday

July 16th at 10:18 AM

iPhone 3G: Released Friday, Pwned Tuesday

It took four whole days after the release of the iPhone 3G for Apple’s new handset to get the dev team’s jailbreak treatment. Will these guys ever stop impressing us? Their latest feat isn’t available to the public just yet but the above video shows a dev team member connection via SSH to an iPhone 3G. The dev team is currently working out some details but upon release – here comes the really good part – the new jailbreak will allow iPhone and iPhone 3G users to run Apple-approved apps AND jailbreak apps side by side with no problem! That’s right people; App Store, Installer and Cydia living side by side with no problem. The dev team believes that users should have the choice between Apple-governed apps and open apps, and we couldn’t agree more. Also, the App Store isn’t available in every country so this will give all iPhone owners access to great iPhone apps. The new pwnage tools will also supply a solution for the now-required signing process so that any and all iPhone apps will install just fine. As to exactly when we can expect a public release, we’ve just been told “soon”. Hey, that’s fine with us. Take your time dev team, you know we love you…