Verizon Wireless cries foul, responds to FCC-mandated data roaming rules

April 7th at 2:31 PM

Verizon Wireless cries foul, responds to FCC-mandated data roaming rules

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted in favor of a new set of rules that will force larger cellular carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T to provide roaming access to their data networks at prices set by the FCC. The move will allow smaller regional carriers to take advantage of the large investments made by national carriers at a mere fraction of the cost of building out their own data networks. Immediately following the FCC’s vote, Verizon Wireless’ executive vice president of public affairs, policy and communications Tom Tauke issued a statement. “Today’s action represents a new level of unwarranted government intervention in the wireless marketplace,” Tauke said. “By forcing carriers that have invested in wireless infrastructure to make those networks available to competitors that avoid this investment, at a price ultimately determined by the FCC, today’s order discourages network investment in less profitable areas. That is directly contrary to the interests of rural America and the development of facilities-based competition and potential job creation. Therefore, it is a defeat for both consumers and the innovation fostered by true competition.” Hit the jump for Tauke’s full statement. More →


AT&T international data plans for iPad detailed, costs are still high

May 4th at 9:32 AM

AT&T international data plans for iPad detailed, costs are still high


Those iPad 3G owners who have standing plans for a romantic trip with your new iToy to Paris in the fall, or the Mediterranean this winter might want to think again. AT&T has released the international data roaming plans for Apple’s latest creation, and the pricing is still out of control not cheap. The available “Data Global Add-On” packs look like this:

  • 20 MB: $24.99/month
  • 50 MB: $59.99/month
  • 100 MB: $119.99/month
  • 200 MB: $199.99/month

The packs can be purchased directly from the iPad 3G by navigating to: Settings > Cellular Data. The international roaming pricing is in line with the international data packs for the iPhone; however, the iPad add-ons do not auto-renew every month. The iPad also gives you the option to schedule when the data bucket will be added to your account, allowing you to purchase/schedule the service before you travel — the add-on packs stay in effect for 30 days, and you must have a domestic data plan in order to purchase an international data plan. What do you think? It’s 2010, is $1.00-$1.25/MB still too much to be paying for international data, or have we been spoiled with our unlimited data buckets in the U.S.? More →


Rogers clears up US data roaming with new One Rate plans

February 23rd at 3:31 PM

Rogers clears up US data roaming with new One Rate plans


We know the boo birds are going to have a lot of fun with this, but today Rogers officially introduced North American One Rate data roaming plans. In exchange for an extra $10 per month, Rogers subs will be able to get their data freak on south of the 49th without having to pay a penny for per Kb data roaming. Instead, the used data deducted directly from their normal monthly data bucket. Here are the plans:

  • $20 Personal Email on BB CDN/US
  • $35 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 500MB CDN/US Plan
  • $35 Consumer/Small business 500MB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $40 Consumer/Small business BB (BIS) 1GB CDN & US Plan
  • $40 Consumer/Small business 1GB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $45 500MB CDN & US Mobile Internet Flex Rate Plan
  • $50 DAP (for MSD customers) 1.5GB CDN & US Data Plan
  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 1GB CDN & US Plan
  • $55 Corporate BB (BES) 500 MB CDN & US Flex Rate Plan

We don’t think the One Rate roaming plans will “shatter people’s perception of wireless data roaming when visiting the United States” as Rogers has stated, but we also think it’s hard to argue against the transparency of the new plans. Now to do something about voice and SMS…

Fun fact: There’s nothing that says you can’t switch to this plan as you’re boarding your flight to NYC and then removing it as soon as you’re back on Canadian soil. More →