Cydia News

New Cydia tweak makes Chrome the default iOS browser

Chrome fans who have jailbroken iPhones, take note: there’s a new Cydia tweak that can make Chrome the default iOS browser. Per VeryRite, jailbreak app developer Ryan Petrich has concocted a tweak called >>

Jailbroken iOS 5 gets third-party widgets

Apple introduced iOS 5 and its new widget system just last week during WWDC, and a day later it was jailbroken. Now, Cydia developers have taken iOS 5 a step further by providing >>

Comex releases iOS PDF-exploit source code

Comex, the developer of the 2.0 website, has released the source code for the PDF exploit found in un-patched versions of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The code has been called “impressive” and “dangerous” by >>