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Early-look Android SDK 1.5 released to developers

The long awaited Android “cupcake” upgrade for the Android OS looks to be one step closer to release. An early-look version of the Android 1.5 SDK has been released to developers which includes >>

T-Mobile G2 to be launched at CTIA?

This isn’t based on any tips or ninja-related information, just more like logical thinking, we guess. But, is there anyone out there that thinks T-Mobile USA wont be announcing the T-Mobile G2 at >>

New T-Mobile G1 Android “Cupcake” shots and details

One of the most hotly anticipated software updates of recent memory (assuming, of course, that we’re not including the search for a stable and efficient BlackBerry Bold OS), is the Cupcake revision of >>

Cupcake update for T-Mobile G1 may be coming soon

Most of you G1 owners and Android fanatics have been anticipating “Cupcake” for a while by now – and why wouldn’t you? There haven’t been many details, which always stirs up hype, but >>