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Another Apple iPad giveaway

Our friends at are giving away an Apple iPad and if you weren’t the lucky winner in our giveaway, you have another shot at this. Entry rules are pretty straightforward — just >>

HTC Droid Incredible giveaway — we've got five!

You know we wouldn’t let the hottest Android device in the market escape our giveaway grasp… We have five HTC Droid Incredible handsets to giveaway! We will run two different giveaway contests where >>

Best Buy Sony eReader giveaway!

Nope, we’re not quite finished with this BGR giveaway series — we’re holding a brand new Sony Reader Touch Edition from Best Buy and it could be yours. Here are some specs followed >>

Best Buy ASUS EeePC Giveaway!

The good folks at Best Buy hit us up and since it’s the holiday season and all, BGR is giving away an ASUS Eee PC netbook. That’s right, all you have to do >>

BlackBerry Bold 9700 giveaway!

Oh yes, we’re back at it! To show our appreciation for making BGR a part of your daily lives, we’re giving away (5) AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700s. They will be retail units in >>

Motorola DROID giveaway: Part 1

Alright, here we go… We’ll be giving away three of the five Motorola DROIDs in our stockpile in this particular contest, and here is what you will need to know if you’re interested >>

Samsung has something cooking for June 15th

It’s not exactly uncommon for handset makers to resort to strange tactics to manufacture some hype for their products. Something about Samsung’s latest effort however, screams of fear, desperation and longing to have >>