References to new iPhones, new iPod touch and new iPad found!

April 3rd at 12:43 PM

References to new iPhones, new iPod touch and new iPad found!


While today marks the first day the Apple iPad went on sale, it also gives us a glimpse into the upcoming stuff from Cupertino. One of our connects has been digging around the iPad filesystem and found references to the following:

  • iPhone3,2
  • iPhone3,3
  • iPod4,1
  • iProd2,1

The first two, iPhones, the second is an iPod touch, and the last? A major revision to the Apple iPad. As if things couldn’t get more exciting…


AT&T Palm Pre Plus unboxing!

April 2nd at 11:01 AM

AT&T Palm Pre Plus unboxing!


Like you thought we wouldn’t get our hands on it first… We’ve just scored some awesome unboxing photos of the AT&T Palm Pre Plus, and well, it’s a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. Our connect says it’s identical to the Verizon Wireless unit as far as they can tell, and they like the fact that AT&T’s Address Book backup service is built in to Synergy. But we’re guessing not too many people use that or consider it a big selling point. We’re still waiting on a release date, but in the meantime, you know where to find those photos.

UPDATE: Our source just said this phone has rebooted on them twice in the first hour of use. Awesomeness.

Click on over to our AT&T Palm Pre Plus unboxing gallery!


Apple iPad application walkthrough

March 28th at 2:23 PM

Apple iPad application walkthrough


One of our trusty sources just shot us over a plethora of Apple iPad application screenshots. Everything from the iPad version of Twitterrific, to Flight Control, to Flick Fishing, to Reuters Pro — we’ve got it in here. Let us know what you think… but oh man, these look absolutely delicious. We also have a couple shots of the iTunes store for iPad, and you can browse apps using CoverFlow from your iPad.

Click on over to our Apple iPad application walkthrough gallery!

Thanks, Andy W.!


AT&T picking up HTC Desire, Sprint grabbing HTC Hero2

February 23rd at 2:17 PM

AT&T picking up HTC Desire, Sprint grabbing HTC Hero2


We’ve just been hit up by a source close to HTC, and let’s just say the Android invasion (of high quality Android devices, at least) has only just started. One of our connects let us know that while Google will be looking to sell an AT&T 3G-compatible Nexus One directly through their web store (just like we previously reported), the actual AT&T unit will be the HTC Desire. It will also apparently go to market on AT&T shelves as the HTC Desire as well. This will give AT&T users HTC’s Sense UI, but we’ve been told the physical attributes of the unit might change from the HTC Desire that we’ve all seen. Nothing major, just possibly some material/finish/color changes to the casing. We have been told to expect the HTC Desire to land on AT&T in the May to June timeframe. More →


AT&T HTC Pure getting reallocated due to slow sales?

February 22nd at 11:29 AM

AT&T HTC Pure getting reallocated due to slow sales?


We just received a heads up that the above document is being circulated within AT&T locations, and in short, it seems as if the HTC Pure isn’t selling so well. We have been told that the reallocation of stock from corporate store locations to the Device Management group definitely means something is up, though without any quality-related issues with the return, we can only assume it’s due to the unit’s less-than-stellar sales performance. One of our other AT&T connects confirmed this has to do with the device not selling very well, and that AT&T would rather not have the product just sitting in the stores when they could replace it with other products that are apparently worth the shelf space. Our source went on to say that they have been instructed to “keep one or two units and send the rest to the warehouse.”


Yeah, AT&T is requiring messaging plans with feature phones

January 29th at 8:21 AM

Yeah, AT&T is requiring messaging plans with feature phones


After we whispered that AT&T might be requiring messaging plans when you purchase select feature phones, we were hit up by a flood of connects. Long story short, it’s true, and here’s the break down:

  • Phones that require a messaging plan at time of purchase include: Pantech Reveal, Pantech Impact, Motorola Karma, Samsung Flight, Samsung Impression, Samsung Magnet, Samsung Solstice, Samsung Mythic, Samsung Propel, LG Xenon, LG Neon, and the LG Vu.
  • It looks like the minimum monthly cost when buying a “Quick Messaging” phone is around $20. That’s a $5 200 SMS/MMS plan and a $15/month unlimited data plan. It doesn’t look like you can walk out of the door without paying less than $20/mo in features in addition to your voice plan.
  • There are slightly different requirements if you have a family plan, so check those out in detail with your AT&T liaison.
  • If you have an existing “Quick Messaging” device, you don’t have to do a thing. But, if you want to ever upgrade to a new device, you’d then be hit with the messaging feature requirement.

Not exactly the best news for those looking to keep their wireless bill pretty low (and straight forward). Catherine Zeta Jones, where you at?

Thanks, to all our connects that broke this down for us!