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Computers News

Razer just made the perfect mouse for normal people

Razer made its name making keyboards and headsets for people who stay up all night shouting at their mortal CS:Go enemies. But since then, the company’s moved on a little from just PC gamers. Its newest >>

Tired of computer bugs? MIT may have the answer

Researchers at MIT have developed a system to automatically repair computer bugs. The program can comb through repairs to open-source computer programs and learn their general properties, according to MIT, building new repairs >>

Intel announces 13 new quad-core Ivy Bridge processors

Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processors will be the first to feature a “3D Tri-Gate transistor,” The BBC reported on Sunday. The company plans to initially release 13 quad-core processors for desktop computers that >>

From pre-PC to post-PC: Happy birthday, Microsoft

On April 4th, 1975, two young programmers named Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership called “Micro-soft.” Gates was 22 years old at the time and Allen was just 19. The two >>