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Comcast is ruining cheap cable bundles, because Comcast

You might want to sit down, because this could come as a surprise: Comcast is doing something bad. According to the American Cable Association, Comcast has been using its ownership of “must-have” programming >>

Comcast’s customer service sucked a tiny bit less last year

Comcast, one of America’s most-hated brands, has seen a tiny improvement this year. According to FCC complaint data obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, complaints about Comcast’s internet fell 43 percent between May 2016 and May >>

More Americans pay for Netflix than cable TV

Quick, act surprised! There currently are more Netflix subscribers in America than there are cable TV buyers. That’s quite an achievement for the company that practically offers the best reason to cut the >>

Comcast is playing dirty to try and kill net neutrality

Comcast has sent a cease-and-desist order to a pro-net-neutrality website fighting against a proposed FCC rule change, based on an objectively stupid copyright claim. is a website that has been set up to help deal >>

Comcast knows you’ll pay anything for good Wi-Fi

A new survey commissioned by Comcast has ranked apartment-dweller’s need for good internet, relative to other niceties like basic hygiene. The conclusion seems to be that good Wi-Fi and high-speed internet are viewed >>