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This cool case will give your Android phone superpowers

May 22nd at 2:34 PM

This cool case will give your Android phone superpowers

Any Android fans familiar with Dimple, a smartphone accessory that puts extra buttons on the handset that’s currently raising money on Kickstarter, should also check out the Cliq Kickstarter project. The accessory offers similar NFC buttons that are incorporated into a slim case, thus offering protection against accidents while adding extra superpowers to the smartphone. More →

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Apple files suit against Motorola for multi-touch patent infringement

October 30th at 12:35 PM

Apple files suit against Motorola for multi-touch patent infringement

Apple blog Patently Apple is reporting that Cupertino’s fruit company has filed two separate lawsuits against Motorola for patent infringement, specifically around multi-touch IP. The infringing products? The Motorola DROID, DROID 2, DROID X, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, BackFlip, Devour, Devour i5, and Charm 1. That is just about every Android Motorola handset in the United States. Apple’s lawsuits cover six specific patent infringements, and we have them listed out after the break. Someone needs to tell all these tech companies to hide their kids, hide their wives, and hide they husbands, too, ‘cuz everybody gettin’ sued out here.

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T-Mobile's Motorola Begonia to have Android 2.2, Wi-Fi calling support?

September 30th at 10:35 AM

T-Mobile's Motorola Begonia to have Android 2.2, Wi-Fi calling support?

Earlier this month, we saw a leaked document that indicated T-Mobile would be getting a handset known as the “Motorola Begonia.” Now, Engadget is reporting some additional details on the device. According to the site’s tipster, the Begonia will be an Android 2.2 device — complete with BLUR UI — that is Motorola’s refresh of the first Cliq; possibly to be called the Cliq 2. The device is also said to have an “interesting” keyboard design; as it appears to be “one solid piece” without any spacing between the keys (maybe like the DROID/DROID2?). The Begonia will also support 3G hotspot creation, and… wait for it… Wi-Fi calling (formally known as UMA). We’re bullish on the Android 2.2, Wi-Fi calling, and hotspot support, but a little bearish on the inclusion of BLUR. Thoughts? More →


Walmart to launch self-branded wireless service next week

September 13th at 2:15 PM

Walmart to launch self-branded wireless service next week

Today, Walmart announced that it would be launching a self-branded wireless service titled Walmart Family Mobile. The new wireless service will utilize T-Mobile USA’s GSM network and will offer unlimited calling and texting for $45 per month; additional unlimited lines can be added for $25. Data usage can be pre-purchased at the rate of $40 per gigabyte and unused megabytes roll over from month to month. The Motorola Cliq XT will be Family Mobile’s high-end offering at launch ($249) and the cheapest offering will be a $30 set from Nokia. Walmart also sells pre-paid wireless options from Verizon Wireless (Straight Talk) and Sprint Nextel (Common Cents). The service will launch next week in Walmart retail stores across the country. More →


Motorola adjusts its Android update schedule

June 17th at 8:03 PM

Motorola adjusts its Android update schedule


Maybe we lead incredibly sheltered lives, but one of the worst things we can think of is not knowing when our Android smartphone will be bumped up to the latest OS. Thankfully companies like Motorola understand people like us because it’s just updated its Android 2.1 update roadmap. Based upon what’s written there, the both the CLIQ and CLIQ XT are due for 2.1 in Q2, while AT&T customers with the BACKFLIP will have to wait until Q3 to move on up. Verizon’s DEVOUR hasn’t been given a timeframe as Motorola claims its upgrade eligibility is still “under evaluation” which isn’t exactly an encouraging sign. More →


BACKFLIP headed to TELUS, DEXT headed to Bell, QUENCH a mystery

March 9th at 9:28 AM

BACKFLIP headed to TELUS, DEXT headed to Bell, QUENCH a mystery


A few days ago when we learned that Motorola is going to bring its complete line-up of MOTOBLUR handsets to Canada, we didn’t know which carrier was to be getting which handset. In the span of a couple days however, things have changed. We now know that the BACKFLIP, that crazy concoction of a device is going to be a TELUS exclusive while the DEXT is bound for Bell. As for the QUENCH, no one carrier has laid claim to it just yet, but we think most would forgive us for assuming it’s going to Rogers considering the others are spoken for. More →


OTA update turns Motorola CLIQs into bricks

February 26th at 10:41 AM

OTA update turns Motorola CLIQs into bricks


If you never got around to installing this weeks software update on your Motorola CLIQ, you might want to hold off for at least a few days as it appears that update 1.3.18 has a tendency to break more than it fixes. So far as we can tell, the most common issues have to do with the inability to log into MOTOBLUR, SMS-related lagging and crashing, spotty Bluetooth connectivity, dimming displays, virtual keypad issues and, perhaps most bizarrely, having the devices date and time set to 7PM, 31 December 1969 (aka “0” in Linux Land). Both T-Mobile and Motorola have not put out an official statement on the matter, but here is what an official T-Mobile forum mod had to say:

“Hi Everybody!

Thanks everyone for informing us on what the latest Motorola Cliq OTA update has brought to light. We want to let everyone know that we have been reading your comments, and we hear you. We have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate people and are working hard on them.

As of now, we advise you not to Master Reset your phone if your OTA update did not download or if you are experiencing issues at this time.

Thank you for using the T-Mobile forums and we will keep you updated as we gather more information.”

Are you or anyone you know with an updated CLIQ facing some of the above issues?

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Motorola announces the CLIQ XT

February 15th at 8:41 AM

Motorola announces the CLIQ XT


Today at Mobile World Congress, Motorola announced the CLIQ XT with MOTOBLUR. Having nearly identical specs to the original CLIQ, it features a 3.1″ HVGA capacitive display, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM tuner, e-compass, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, and Android 1.5. Yeah, that probably sounds familiar. The big differences between them are that the CLIQ XT has an optical trackpad, lacks a QWERTY slider, supports Flash Lite and features “pinch and zoom” multitouch throughout the system. Besides that, than there’s really not much else to say other than we hope this isn’t all we’re going to see from Motorola because, well, talk about forgettable. The CLIQ XT with MOTOBLUR will be available from T-Mobile USA next month, while the Global version, QUENCH with MOTOBLUR, will be available in multiple regions by the end of this quarter. More →


Motorola releases its Android 2.1 update schedule for the DROID/MILESTONE and the CLIQ/DEXT

February 14th at 11:00 AM

Motorola releases its Android 2.1 update schedule for the DROID/MILESTONE and the CLIQ/DEXT


After receiving heavy criticism for its premature announcement of the Android 2.1 update for the DROID, Motorola has decided that “transparency” is now its favorite buzz word and has released an Android 2.1 update schedule for its current lineup of Android handsets. Though a nice gesture, the update schedule is short on details and leaves us with more questions than answers. According to Motorola’s schedule, the DROID update will be rolling out “soon” with no concrete date or time frame provided. DROID owners should be thankful for their “coming soon” status, though, as the owners of the Motorola CLIQ have to wait until Q2 2010 and those with the DEXT will have to wait until Q3 2010 to get their update, if they even get it all (see Europe). A similar scenario applies to the Milestone with European Milestone owners receiving their update sometime in Q2 2010, while those in Latin America and Asia-Pacific must wait patiently for Motorola to evaluate the feasibility of an update.

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Motorola BACKFLIP up close and hands on

January 7th at 7:02 PM

Motorola BACKFLIP up close and hands on


The folks over at Motorola were nice enough to give us a deep dive into the new BACKFLIP which will be available Q1. You’re all aware that it features MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s UI over Android, so as far as the OS it’s not different from the CLIQ. The big difference is the form factor: it flips backward, hence its name, to close. As you can see above, it’s “Flippin’ Brilliant.” Man, that hurt.

When it’s closed, you have the deactivated keyboard with 5MP camera and LED flash on one side, and a blank slate on the other (screen safely tucked inside). When you flip it open, it’s like having a mini-computer in your hands — the back of the screen even has a trackpad that you can scroll and click on to navigate the screen. Why? So that shiny screen doesn’t get smudgy when it doesn’t have to. You can also flip it open and set it down to watch videos and use it to play a slideshow of all your images. The bonus is that it can go into dock mode or table-side mode, just like the DROID, except you don’t need to purchase a dock for it. Looks pretty good for a mid-range phone. We just don’t have an official release date yet and there haven’t been any carrier announcements from Motorola, but they do say this will be a global device. Click on through to our gallery to check out more pics!

Click on over to our Motorola BACKFLIP hands on gallery!


What happened to being cool?

December 7th at 2:17 PM

What happened to being cool?


Avril Lavigne. Luke Wilson. Whoopi Goldberg. Those three names don’t exactly jump out and immediately connect with us when we see them. And isn’t that the point of advertising? The point of branding? To connect to something, identify with it, and relate to it. Sure jazzy music and clean visuals (or dark, ominous tones with scary eyes) will help liven up your advertisement, but if you’re bringing a celebrity in to help, why don’t you make sure the celebrity is someone that people actually care about? I don’t mean to knock on Luke or Whoopi as I’m a fan of both (Canada can have Sk8ter chick), but while they might be intended to reach a certain demographic, in actuality they don’t help, they hurt. People pass it off as something they don’t care about. There’s no instant reaction or memorable moment that people will immediately remember or associate with any of those commercials. More →


Motorola CLIQ receives an OTA update

December 2nd at 3:29 PM

Motorola CLIQ receives an OTA update


Motorola CLIQ owners have long had a list of complaints about their device, but Motorola is hoping that an OTA update released yesterday will fix the majority of users’ woes. The update doesn’t do anything to change the fact the device runs on Android 1.5, but it does bump up the system version to 1.1.31. What does that mean for the average Joe and Jane? Improved battery life and touchscreen sensitivity, better Bluetooth all around, accelerometer refinements and more. Go ahead and give it a while and let us know what you think, okay?

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