iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 brings AT&T tethering support

By on May 18, 2010 at 10:14 PM.

iPhone OS 4.0 beta 4 brings AT&T tethering support


Uh oh, it looks like AT&T’s cell towers are about to be brought offline — though, one could argue they’re almost always offline — MacRumors is reporting that there is an option to set up tethering for AT&T users in the latest iPhone OS beta just released this evening. Though this could be a good sign, Engadget’s reports on AT&T’s comments on iPhone tethering a few weeks back don’t seem to set the mood so friendly. Let us know if you can get it going, will you?

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AT&T adds 75 new NY metro cell sites in 2008 and Q1 2009; notice any difference?

By on April 23, 2009 at 1:51 PM.

AT&T adds 75 new NY metro cell sites in 2008 and Q1 2009; notice any difference?

According to a new email blast AT&T is currently in the midst of sending out, the company has been hard at work in 2008 and through Q1 2009 improving its service in the New York metro area. In fact according to the email, the carrier added 75 new cell sites across New Jersey, New York and Long Island during the 15-month period. Specifically, AT&T lists the following areas as key improvements in 2008:

  • Along I-78 in Hunterdon County west of Exit 11 and between Exit 33 and I-287 in NJ
  • Aong the West Side Highway from 7th Avenue to West 10th Street in Manhattan
  • The Sprain Brook Parkway from Route 100C to 100 and I-684 near Goldens Bridge in Valhalla, NY
  • The Long Island Expressway near Exit 51 in Huntington Station, NY
  • Perrineville, Prospect Plains, Union Valley & Applegarth Roads all in Monroe Township in Middlesex County, NJ
  • Main Street and Ocean Avenue in Northport, NY
  • The Southern State and Sagtikos Parkways in Bayshore, NY

A few more areas are also listed as recipients of even more recent coverage improvements:

  • The NJ Transit line in Glen Rock, NJ
  • Todt Hill Road in Staten Island
  • Howells Road and the Sunrise Highway in Bayshore, NY
  • Greenwich Village from Washington Square Park to East 12th Street, Central Park South
  • The Upper East Side from East 82nd to East 91st Street in Manhattan

While we applaud AT&T’s continued efforts in the region, we’re still hearing from an unending stream of readers, colleagues and friends wondering what is going on with AT&T’s service in the NYC area. Of course people love to complain much more than they do praise so to be fair, we also talk to plenty of people in the area who live and die by AT&T’s service and seemingly have no problems at all. Consider this an informal third party survey — those of you with AT&T service in and around New York… How’s it hanging?

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