Sony Ericsson gets Bonded in Quantum of Solace

October 10th at 7:23 AM

Sony Ericsson gets Bonded in Quantum of Solace

Spoiler Alert for all you Phone Spotters out there: we list every Sony Ericsson phone known to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming James Bond Quantum of Solace movie. If you don’t want to spoil your phone spotting fun, then move on and let the rest of us enjoy some Bond-branded Sony Ericsson phones. Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get onto the phones. Eight different characters in Quantum of Solace will be sporting 6 different Sony Ericsson models, including the now canceled Sony Ericsson W707 (Alicia). The pair-ups are as follows:

  • James Bond : C902 in limited Titanium Silver color
  • Bond’s Wifey : W350 in Graphic White color
  • M : G700 in Mineral Grey color
  • Matthus : G700
  • CIA : W910
  • Villiers : G700
  • Green (new character) : G900
  • Elvis (new character) : W707 (Alicia)

It is product placement gone wild. Double agent wannabes can score one of the limited edition C902 Titanium Silver phones as used by James Bond. It will ship with a pre-loaded James Bond spy-style game, full color trailer of the film, behind-the-scenes interviews, and other Quantum of Solace branded content such as ringtones, wallpapers, and themes. Sorry but no Bond Girls, real or virtual, are included. The new Quantum of Solace C902 phone is expected to be available for a limited time in Q4 2008.



Palm Treo Pro, Pearl Flip 8220, T-Mobile G1, and more coming soon to Best Buy

October 1st at 5:39 AM

Palm Treo Pro, Pearl Flip 8220, T-Mobile G1, and more coming soon to Best Buy

A sneak peek into Best Buy’s inventory system reveals several hot new phones coming soon to your local Best Buy. Available as of a few days ago is an unlocked version of Sony Ericsson’s diminutive C902 Cybershot phone. It might not be worth the gas to drive there just for this SE phone; but if you are already at Best Buy, this slim 5MP candy bar may be worth a closer look. If you fancy smartphones instead, then here’s where things get good. You can score yourself an unlocked Palm Treo Pro on October 26th. Not a Palm fan or already ordered one from their website? How about the T-Mobile Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 in Red? That looks to be hitting shops on October 26th. Last but not least is the now sold out, T-Mobile HTC G1 phone. That bad boy will be arriving in store on the 26th of October as well, but won’t be released for sale until November 16th. Tell them BGR sent you and maybe you can score one early. That or bag and run! Hit the jump for screen shots galore.

Thanks ACJ and ESG

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