Business cards go high-tech with programmable NFC chips [video]

September 27th at 9:05 PM

Business cards go high-tech with programmable NFC chips [video]

Moo NFC Business Cards

One would think that with the rise of smartphones, business cards would have become a relic already. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and business cards are a necessary evil when networking.’s new business aren’t like regular paper cards, however. They’ve got an NFC chip inside of them that can be assigned to direct to any URL. Basically, they’re re-writeable business cards that can highlight a new social network profile or new website without ever having to be reprinted. And like any NFC-enabled label, all that’s needed is a smartphone with NFC capabilities like the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Nexus. Exchanging and storing contact information is as easy as tapping the card to the smartphone and starting today, is giving away NFC business cards to the first 150,000 customers who order a regular pack of business cards from the company. The NFC business cards will then be available for everyone to purchase in early 2013.’s full press release and video demonstration follows below.

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