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Stop trolling, Broadcom CEO tells patent litigants

World-weary tech journalists and over-worked judges aren’t the only people sick and tired of endless patent litigation — big-name tech CEOs are getting fed up as well. Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor sat down with >>

New iPad teardown now underway at iFixit [updated]

Well-known gadget repair company iFixit made its way to Australia on Thursday in order to be among the first to procure a new Apple iPad. Following a midnight launch at one Australian retailer >>

Broadcom gets Bluetooth 4.0 certification

Today, Broadcom announced that it has gained Bluetooth 4.0 certification for its BTE Bluetooth stack and system-on-a-chip solutions. The new Bluetooth 4.0 standard has lower overhead than previous iterations of the technology, using >>

Qualcomm set to receive $2.3 billion from Nokia

In an ongoing royalty dispute, it would appear as though Qualcomm and Nokia have reached a settlement agreement. The CDMA chipset maker is going to receive $2.3 billion from Nokia as part of >>