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AT&T to cap U-Verse, DSL broadband services

A new report on Sunday states AT&T will soon introduce data caps to its wireline broadband subscribers nationwide. AT&T has confirmed the move, which will go into effect on May 2nd. The caps >>

Verizon Home Phone Connect makes its debut

Verizon’s Home Phone Connect service just went live on the carrier’s website, though the link for the service is down at the moment. The new offering will let you connect your home phone >>

Broadband internet a legal right in Finland

Thanks to a new law that comes into effect today, every single citizen of Finland now has a legal right to a wired broadband connection with a minimum speed of 1Mbps. According to >>

Bell MiFi rumored to launch November 30 for $249.95

For you Canucks who love traveling or sharing your Internet connectivity, or both, we just received word that the Bell MiFi 2372 is going to hit soon. On November 30, you can pick >>