BlackBerry 9700 in white definitely coming…

April 1st at 1:05 PM

BlackBerry 9700 in white definitely coming…

Black and White 9700

For those BlackBerry users who refuse to sport black after Memorial Day, salvation is on the way. A white BlackBerry 9700, complete with a black track-button-nose, is currently visible on RIM’s Thai website. The addition of white to the Bold 9700 family is no surprise, as RIM debuted a pale version of the Bold 9000 several months after launch. Here at BGR, we are huge fans of Cheetos®, and for that reason alone, a white anything is out of the question. How about you? Does a white 9700 with a black nose pique anyone’s interests? More →


BlackBerry Bold 9700 pops up in T-Mobile Germany’s website as arriving in November

October 15th at 7:50 AM

BlackBerry Bold 9700 pops up in T-Mobile Germany’s website as arriving in November


Oh look, yet another BlackBerry has shown up on a carriers website before its existence has been officially acknowledged. This time the honor falls upon T-Mobile Germany and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Listed without a price but as available in November, T-Mobile is positioning the 9700 as the “Bold the size of a Curve,” something easily confirmed by on quick glance at the accompanying spec sheet. Listed as 109mm x 60mm x 14mm, the 9700 shares identical dimensions with the Curve 8900 save for the fact the former is 0.5mm thicker. Standby time is rated at nearly 21 days while talk time clocks in at 5 hours, a far cry better than the current Bold’s 13.5 days of standby and 4.5 hours of talk time despite the fact that both devices operate on the same 1500 mAh battery. Of course all of this has been covered in our hands-on review pre-release review of the 9700, but we’re sure most of you know that already, right?

Thanks, Julius!



BlackBerry 9700 and Motorola CLIQ release dates revealed?

September 17th at 2:21 PM

BlackBerry 9700 and Motorola CLIQ release dates revealed?


If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber itching to get your hands on the latest and greatest, it looks like November 11th might be a date you want to jot down in your planner. Why, you ask? According to one of our ninjas, a T-Mobile higher-up has pegged November 11th as the tentative launch date for both the BlackBerry 9700 and the Motorola CLIQ. Wow. Have two more highly anticipated handsets ever launched with the same carrier on the same day? Now, to be crystal clear, this date is relayed to us as tentative so nothing is set in stone just yet. Where the CLIQ is concerned, the 11th definitely lines up well with the late-October pre-sale and the 9700 has been rumored to launch in November as well. On a related note, we’re hearing AT&T will launch the 9700 around the same time as T-mo, while Rogers will once again beat the US to the punch with a mid to late-October launch.