Verizon to dish out BlackBerry Tour OS update today

June 14th at 2:17 PM

Verizon to dish out BlackBerry Tour OS update today


We understand that BlackBerry Tour owners might feel like the forgotten redheaded stepchildren of the Verizon BlackBerry family now that the Bold 9650 has arrived, but word has it that Verizon will begin pushing out an OS update for the Tour starting at 6pm EDT. Apart from an assortment of fixes relating to the recently introduced Push-to-Talk feature, the move to should also go a long way to fix other niggles including issues with data reception. We’ll be sure to holler back once the update is live, but if you happen to spot it before us, don’t be shy to send us a tip.

UPDATE: Looks like the wireless update is now available.

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Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G hands on!

June 11th at 7:50 AM

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 3G hands on!


In 2006, RIM launched the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. It’s critical reception was mixed, but there’s no denying it helped propel the BlackBerry brand to super stardom. Since then, smartphones have become even more mainstream and many serious competitors have emerged. Yes despite all of the competition and its own success, RIM has remained relatively true to its conservative tradition. Even today, a time when more than half of its customers are consumers, RIM is still sticking with a Java-based OS that has remained relatively unchanged since the Pearl first hit the scene. This year, RIM announced to little fanfare. Can a consumer product from a company that is business-centric at its roots survive in the age of Android and iPhone? Hit the jump to find out as we review the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Rogers. More →


BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available online from Sprint

May 16th at 8:08 PM

BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available online from Sprint


Sprint customers who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the BlackBerry Tour Bold 9650 can rejoice today as the device is now available online from Sprint. With a full retail price of $450, new customers and those eligible for upgrades will be able to have a 9650 shipped to their door for as little as $199.99 after $100 MIR with a 2-year commitment. Just make sure you’re not going to want to put this thing on Craigslist as soon as the EVO 4G drops, okay?

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OS 5.0 pushed out for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour

March 30th at 9:22 AM

OS 5.0 pushed out for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour


When it was first leaked it earned something of a reputation for being moody, but Verizon is clearly confident that BlackBerry OS will serve Tour 9630 users well because it’s now pushing out the software OTA complete with Push-To-Talk capabilities. A truncated change-log is available after the jump, but first we have one simple question for you. How’s it feel? More →


BlackBerry Storm 9550 flyer for Verizon touts the benefits of BES 5.0

October 7th at 10:57 PM

BlackBerry Storm 9550 flyer for Verizon touts the benefits of BES 5.0


Need more proof that Verizon is on the cusp of releasing the BlackBerry Storm 9550? If so, you might want to check out this BES 5.0 flyer that one of our BlackBerry connects just sent us. Aimed towards corporate folks, the flyer lists what a glorious and indispensable business tool the still-unannounced BlackBerry 9550 is when running on BES 5.0. You know, good stuff like follow-up flags, advanced folder management, calendar appointment forwarding, wireless contact sync, document editing with DocumentsToGo and remote file sharing with the Files app. Yes friends, this is hotness personified. Hit the jump for a larger pic!

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