RIM updates Locate Service, GPS-free location queries now possible

July 19th at 3:27 PM

RIM updates Locate Service, GPS-free location queries now possible

BlackBerry Locate Geolocation

Today, RIM announced an update to its BlackBerry Locate Service that will allow developers to use GPS-free cellular triangulation to acquire location information in their apps. As RIM states:

Users can be indoors with no GPS coverage, but your app will still be able to guide them to restaurants or points of interest (POI) around them. Although the accuracy of the fixes obtained from the Geolocation service may not always be as high as with GPS, it has use cases for apps that require highly accurate GPS fixes as well as apps that do not. Apps that require high accuracy can use this service to quickly show the user an approximate location while it waits for a more accurate location fix using GPS. This can offer a huge user experience improvement. For applications that do not require high accuracy, this service can be leveraged as a simple yet effective mechanism to provide location information.

Obviously this technology is not new, as it has been in use by many platforms for quite some time, but it is nice to see RIM continuing to add functionality to the BlackBerry platform, and we know from first-hand experience, that this is a very, very useful service for BlackBerry developers. More →


BlackBerry Storm User Guide

October 6th at 12:27 AM

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

While we wait for RIM’s ex-IDF teams to storm (har, har) the office, we’ve decided to share a ton of pages from the BlackBerry Storm’s User Guide with our loyal readers. It’s a lot more in depth than the PowerPoint was, and it walks you through practically everything. We posted what we thought were the most important parts of the device and things we haven’t seen before. For instance, the full home screen in both orientations, the active call screen, voice recording, camera and video camera options and viewfinder, BlackBerry Maps, tasks — stuff like that. If you’re feeling adventurous enough, hit the BGR gallery!

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