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Bitcoin prices are tumbling again

Bitcoin has once again fallen below the $9,000 mark as a bad 24 hours of news sent speculative investors scurrying back to their fiat currencies. Bitcoin itself is down 5.45 percent over the >>

Amazon has a plan to narc on every single Bitcoin user

Although initial coin offerings and the blockchain have taken over seemingly every company, tech-related or not, the big tech companies have been understandably reluctant to get into something so associated with a scam. >>

Google delivers a huge blow to the Bitcoin world: No more ads

After Facebook banned ads about cryptocurrency on its products, a practice also observed in China where crypto-related ads aren’t allowed online, Google just announced that it’ll restrict adverts for certain financial products, including >>

Here’s why Bitcoin plummeted below $10,000 again

Bitcoin dipped below $10,000 on Wednesday for the fifth time this year, and all the other cryptocoins saw similar plunges. One of the reasons that drove down the prices is the Securities and >>

Crypto prices dive after the SEC promises more regulation

Cryptocurrency’s rollercoaster ride took a sharp downwards swing Wednesday as the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a statement warning against unlicensed crypto exchanges. The commission confirmed that any exchange that allows investors to >>