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Apple iPhone 4 giveaway winner!

Yes, it’s that time… time to announce the winner of the Apple iPhone 4! We’ve finally picked who will receive the “magical” device, and it’s commenter Julian. Thanks so much to everyone that >>

Do you want us to do a weekly podcast?

Do you want a weekly BGR Podcast?online surveys We’ve sort of done some light podcasting, a couple radio-themed segments, and all, but we’re interested to know if you want a weekly no bull >>

Colorware BlackBerry 9700 strikes again…

Kind of went for an opposite color vibe on this one. Maybe we’ll give it away in a bit, or something… what do you think? Pictures are in the gallery if you’d like >>

Want a burger from BGR?

New location just opened, and if you mention this post you get 0% off. Stop having a boring life. Thanks, to everyone that sent this one in! Read >>

T-Mobile Sidekick and BGR shell winner!

There’s a whole list of questions waiting to be answered; If a BlackBerry is blue, is it a BlackBerry? Did Jennifer break up with John, or did John break up with Jennifer? Has >>

AT&T offically blocks access to BGR, game on!

Alright AT&Tizzle, you won. You’ve blocked people from accessing BGR on your network (unless they are pretty high up), so we’re blocking you. That’s right. All the higher-ups will no longer be able >>