Samsung’s Galaxy S II named best smartphone in the world, and Samsung is just getting started

March 2nd at 11:35 AM

Samsung’s Galaxy S II named best smartphone in the world, and Samsung is just getting started

This year’s Mobile World Congress is now behind us. And it was quite a show. Android phones got a bump to four cores, camera phones got a bump to 41 megapixels, and reporters and bloggers were run ragged as the wireless industry gave us a glimpse at the stars of their respective portfolios for the first half of 2012. The highlight of the show for us was definitely Microsoft taking the wraps off its Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and our favorite smartphones introduced at the show were HTC’s ultra-sleek One X and its ultra-slim One S. But Mobile World Congress isn’t all about looking forward, it’s also about looking back at some of the mobile technology that has changed our lives in recent history. With that in mind, the GSMA handed out its Global Mobile Awards for 2012 earlier this week. Read on for more. More →


Judge blocks patent holding firm from suing Apple

August 1st at 4:59 PM

Judge blocks patent holding firm from suing Apple

A U.S. District Judge in Texas has ruled that patent holding firm Personal Audio cannot seek additional damages from Apple relating to a patent that the Cupertino-based company was recently found to be infringing. Personal Audio was awarded $8 million last month when Texas judge Ron Clark ruled that Apple’s iPod was infringing one of its patents covering playlist implementation. Following the win, the holding firm filed a second lawsuit alleging that additional Apple devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 also made illegal use of this patent. Judge Clark said Friday, however, that the $8 million in damages Apple paid in early July is all Personal Audio will see from Apple related to this patent. “The court finds that the jury’s selection of lump sum as the appropriate form of reasonable royalty clearly represents a damages award giving Apple a fully paid up license that covers all past and future use of the patented technology,” the Judge said in his decision. Personal Audio has not indicated how it will respond to the judge’s ruling. More →


Personal Audio goes for round 2 after winning patent decision against Apple

July 22nd at 11:45 AM

Personal Audio goes for round 2 after winning patent decision against Apple

Patent holding firm Personal Audio LLC is suing Apple for patent infringement surrounding IP covering playlist implementation on multiple Apple devices. The firm was recently awarded $8 million from Apple by a Texas judge who found that the Cupertino-based company’s iPod made unauthorized use of Personal Audio’s IP. Now, the firm’s new suit alleges that additional Apple products are infringing on the same patent. Devices covered in the new complaint include the iPhone 4, the fourth-generation iPod touch, the iPad 2, the fourth-generation iPod shuffle and the sixth-generation iPod nano. Apple has made headlines countless times over the past few months as a result of suing nearly all of its major mobile competitors for patent infringement. While some companies believe Apple should focus on building innovative products instead of suing all of its competitors, Apple seems to think its IP is being used illegally and therefore must be protected vigorously. Apparently, Personal Audio holds a similar belief. More →


RealD takes home MMC's technology 'Breakthrough of the Year' award, presented by Crest 3D

August 16th at 9:23 AM

RealD takes home MMC's technology 'Breakthrough of the Year' award, presented by Crest 3D held its annual “Breakthrough of the Year” awards show in Los Angeles last night, and — in honor of BGR — they added a technology category to this year’s show. The winner of this year’s Breakthrough award in technology category was RealD. The official line goes something like this: “Using the characteristics of human perception to create a 3D image, the 2010 Breakthrough in Technology award recognizes RealD for the significant impact its breakthrough patented technology has had on our lives. From entertainment to piloting the Mars Rover, heads-up displays for military jets and robotic medical procedures.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with RealD, they are the company behind the cinema technology used to display movies in 3D (e.g. Avatar, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, etc.). RealD’s self-written elevator speech looks like this:

We license our RealD Cinema Systems to motion picture exhibitors that show 3D motion pictures and alternative 3D content. We also provide our RealD Format, active and passive eyewear, and display and gaming technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers and content producers and distributors to enable the delivery and viewing of 3D content on high definition televisions, laptops and other displays.

Congrats to RealD! Hit the read link to see all of the other award winners. Anyone seen a 3D flick in a RealD cinema? More →