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ASUS aims high with Windows 8 tablet pricing

Earlier this week, Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer announced the first pricing details for the company’s Windows 8 tablet. The Surface tablet will sell for between $300 and $700-$800 depending on the features >>

Nokia may sue Google over Nexus 7 tablet

Just what the tech industry needs: even more prospective patent lawsuits! The latest shocking twist in the patent soap opera comes courtesy of The Inquirer’s Carly Page, who has gotten a Nokia spokesperson >>

Intel may launch Ivy Bridge processors on April 23rd

Intel is expected to move up the announcement of its next-generation Ivy Bridge processors from the original date of April 29th to April 23rd, Digitimes reported on Thursday. ASUS, Acer, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard >>

Google Nexus tablet reportedly delayed until July

The Google-branded Nexus tablet the search giant is rumored to be co-developing with ASUS may be pushed back until July. Earlier reports had the device slated for launch some time in June, with an >>

Google Nexus tablet ‘a done deal,’ report says

Google chairman Eric Schmidt started a firestorm when he was quoted saying the company planned to “market a tablet of the highest quality.” Since then, speculation surrounding a Google-branded slate has nearly spiraled >>