Syncplicity to withdraw Mac beta; Mac support killed as of July 31st

July 18th at 2:00 PM

Syncplicity to withdraw Mac beta; Mac support killed as of July 31st

Now this is some news we’re most definitely not happy to report. Back in February we told you about Syncplicity, an awesome sync solution that, in our opinion, is far superior to any competing product. In a nutshell, Syncplicity allows users to mirror any folder on a computer (in two clicks) with an always-in-sync online copy, “in the cloud”. Folders can also by synced across computers and shared with anyone in just a few clicks. Syncplicity had just opened its Mac beta when we covered it and since then it has become a staple on every system that hits BGR HQ. Unfortunately, bad news struck our inbox this past Thursday that will change all that:

Our engineering team has recently completed a ground-up analysis of the Mac beta client and the investigation found some issues which require some major changes in the client. Because of this, we’ve decided to pull back the Mac client beta until which point the engineering team has time to make some major changes. We intend to reassess our engineering schedule early next year.

Unfortunately, this does mean that as of July 31st, you will no longer be able to use Syncplicity with a Mac computer.

We truly strive to have Beta software become Final Release software. In the case, we felt the Mac beta client didn’t meet our standards for quality. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and I thank you for participating in the trial period.

If you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to email me at

The line, “We intend to reassess our engineering schedule early next year” has us particularly worried as it leads us to believe the company won’t even begin serious work on the Mac client until some time in 2010. Ouch. While Syncplicity’s Windows solution will remain alive and well and we’ll continue to use it on our Windows boxes, it looks like Mac is down for the count until some time next year. If you’re a Syncplicity user with a Mac, make sure you have everything in order so you’re not blindsided when the lights go out two weeks from now on July 31st.


Syncplicity opens Mac beta, your data rejoices

February 2nd at 7:45 AM

Syncplicity opens Mac beta, your data rejoices

Mac users, rejoice – the cloud storage solution to end all cloud storage solutions is finally ready for public beta on OS X and trust us when we tell you, you’ll want to have a look. The Syncplicity founders might have Microsoft pedigree but that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t bang out a Mac build as full-featured and capable as the Windows client, and that is exactly what the Syncplicity team has done. For those completely unaware of the service, allow us to bring you up to speed. Syncplicity allows you to mirror any folder on your computer with an always-in-sync online copy, “in the cloud”. What’s more, Syncplicity can sync files and folders across multiple computers and folders can even be shared amongst different Syncplicity users. Folders can be designated for remote syncing in just two clicks from your right-click menu and anytime a file is altered in any synced folder, on any computer, the changes will automatically be synced across Syncplicity’s servers along with all other computers where the file is present. Oh, and did we mention you’ll also have access to all of your synced files and folders from any web browser on any computer or mobile phone? Recap: Any folder, anywhere, everywhere, automatically.

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