Chinese vendors form alliance to battle Apple and other patent predators

December 30th at 12:40 PM

Chinese vendors form alliance to battle Apple and other patent predators

Handset makers in China have formed an alliance to prepare for possible patent battles with Apple, Microsoft and Nokia. Coolpad, Konka, TCL, ZTE and Lenovo were among the companies named in a report by DigiTimes on Friday. The number of lawsuits filed in China is expected to increase as Microsoft, Nokia and Apple try to increase market share there, the report says. Nokia has already filed patent infringement suits against several Chinese phone makers and Microsoft has gone after Huawei to try to secure a patent licensing deal. Huawei responded to Microsoft’s threats in early November and explained that it has 65,000 patents worldwide. “We have enough to protect our interests,” Huawei Devices chief marketing officer Victor Xu said. “We are a very important stakeholder in Android.” Each of the Chinese companies reportedly has a large patent portfolio and, combined, they could create enough of a force to stave off at least some of the patent-related lawsuits that have plagued other companies. More →

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Nexus One getting Android 2.3 OTA this week?

November 8th at 8:09 AM

Nexus One getting Android 2.3 OTA this week?

Alright, we don’t want to get everyone all riled up on a Monday morning, but this next bit of speculative news is pretty exciting. Recently, a gentlemen by the name of Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez let go a pretty exciting tweet. The 160 character quip, which was written in Español, roughly translates as:

Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days :-D

A quick look at Mr. Vasquez’s LinkedIn profile reveals the following position:

Leadership team and usability at Open Handset Aliance (sic) | Google Andoid (sic)

Assuming that “Aliance” means Alliance, and “Andoid” means Android, this is pretty big news. The Open Handset Alliance is “a group of 78 technology and mobile companies who have come together to accelerate innovation in mobile and offer consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience,” explains the group’s homepage. “Together we have developed Android, the first complete, open, and free mobile platform.”

Will we see Android 2.3 drop in the “next few days”? Man, we hope so. More →


Samsung Galaxy S becomes first Wi-Fi Direct certified handset

November 3rd at 10:31 PM

Samsung Galaxy S becomes first Wi-Fi Direct certified handset

It looks as though the worldly Samsung Galaxy S will be one of the very first smartphones to be knighted by the Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi Direct certified. Wi-Fi Direct is a newly minted protocol that will allow enabled electronics to make device-to-device connections with the speed, range, and throughput of 802.11b/g/n. Samsung’s generic GT-I9000 is now listed on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s site as a Wi-Fi Direct compatible device.

As a note, any Wi-Fi enabled device can gain Wi-Fi Direct certification by implementing an approved software/firmware update; no additional hardware is needed for the protocol. Now, in regards to when Sammy will actually roll-out this approved code to GT-I9000 handsets… that’s anyone’s guess.

[Via Engadget] More →


Wi-Fi Direct launched, device-to-device connections with range and speed of Wi-Fi

October 25th at 1:29 PM

Wi-Fi Direct launched, device-to-device connections with range and speed of Wi-Fi

Today, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new protocol that is sure to further embed the groups namesake technology in your life called Wi-Fi Direct. The new technology will allow devices to use the Wi-Fi protocol to make device-to-device connections (similar to Bluetooth) with the range and throughput of the 802.11 specification. As the press release reads: “Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can connect with older Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices, enabling a vast range of devices already in use to connect with products implementing Wi-Fi Direct from the certification program’s inception. […] Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n technology as well as older forms of Wi-Fi.” The implications of Wi-Fi Direct in both the mobile and non-mobile spaces are pretty exciting. Hit the jump to check out the full press release. More →


Wi-Fi Alliance outs HTC "MEGA 100 Series"

July 20th at 11:30 AM

Wi-Fi Alliance outs HTC "MEGA 100 Series"

More from HTC this morning as the W-Fi Alliance strikes again. Wi-Fi Alliance revelations are a bit of a mixed blessing actually. On one hand, we learn of the existence of a potentially sweet new handset. On the other hand, we pretty much get no details about said device. Such is the case with the HTC “MEGA 100 Series”. Odd name aside, all we know about HTC’s forthcoming phone is that, well, it’s a phone and it has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g on board. Great. The rest is a mystery for the time being, though unsubstantiated speculation suggests it could be a Touch 3G-like handset running Windows Mobile 6.5. We shall see.

[Via Cellpassion]

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