AirPods News

AirPods are back in stock and shipping right now

The AirPods are out of stock at pretty much every Apple store around, and things are even worse if you want to buy online. Waiting times are over a month from most places >>

Apple just released its first handful of AirPods ads

When Apple first introduced its AirPods earlier this fall, the wireless earbuds were predictably subjected to quite a bit of ridicule. And with good reason, some of the early AirPods photos looked absolutely >>

AirPods are even more insanely popular than you could have guessed

Following a lukewarm reaction to the announcement of AirPods and the subsequent release date delay, the skepticism surrounding Apple’s wireless earbuds at launch was understandable. It was also misguided, as a new report from research firm Slice Intelligence >>

I really hate how much I love Apple’s AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are weird. There’s no way around it. Apple has been known for the stunning designs of its products for decades, but the company’s design team has been making some questionable calls lately >>