Microsoft and Yahoo search deal approved by the US and the EU

February 19th at 5:24 PM

Microsoft and Yahoo search deal approved by the US and the EU

microsoft-yahooLast July, Microsoft and Yahoo announced a search deal that would bring Bing to Yahoo, Yahoo to Bing, and place Yahoo in charge of the big advertisement deals for the two search engines. After simmering in the regulatory system for seven long months, the partnership has finally received approval from both the US and the EU regulatory bodies. Big changes are in store for Yahoo as the search portal will now be powered by Bing with identical search results being served up by both search engines. The two portals will distinguish themselves by the content and services they offer on top of the search results. Yahoo will receive $150 million in cash payments from Microsoft for the transition of Yahoo over to Bing and Microsoft will gain a ten year license that allows it to incorporate Yahoo’s core search technologies into Bing. Yahoo will also keep the lions share of the advertisement revenue having negotiated for a 88% cut for the first five years of the agreement. Combined, the two search engines will grab 28% of the Internet search market, a figure that almost doubles Yahoo’s current 17% and almost triples Bing’s 11% share. The merger of the two search engines is expected to start within the next few days and will be completed by the end of 2010 in the US and by 2012 globally. More →


Motorola DROID does Times Square on Black Friday

November 26th at 1:45 PM

Motorola DROID does Times Square on Black Friday


As part of its “DROID Does” advertising campaign, Verizon Wireless is teaming up with Google, Reuters and R/GA to take over Times Square in a promotion to showcase Google Voice search and the Motorola DROID, just like we reported previously. If you are in Manhattan for the craziness called Black Friday, stroll on down to Times Square and call 888-376-4336 to do a Google search by voice. Your query and local search results will then be displayed on either the Reuters sign or the NASDAQ sign for the world to see. Behind the scenes is a small farm of Motorola DROIDs that accept the incoming calls, process the Voice search and display the results on the big screens. Pretty cool! This promo has been up and running for a few select hours each day for the past few weeks but on Black Friday, the DROID will commandeer the displays for a full 20 hours. If you can’t be in NY on Friday, you can watch all the action via a streaming webcam feed. More →


Apple inadvertently reveals 17-inch iMac?

March 21st at 9:57 AM

Apple inadvertently reveals 17-inch iMac?

An Apple educational newsletter for March 2009 apparently offers a 17-inch iMac starting at $899 as part of the company’s new iMac Line. Currently, iMacs are only available in 20 inch and 24 inch sizes and the re-introduction of a 17″ model leaves us scratching our heads. Once upon a time, there was a 17″ white iMac, available to educational institutions for $899, that was phased out when Apple overhauled its iMac line in 2007. Is this a new aluminum 17″ iMac that hits the low price point that educational institutions can afford or is it just a three year old advertisement that was inadvertently recycled with new pics?

UPDATE: Couple commenters and other people wrote in… this seems to simply be the older 17″ aluminum iMacs that are discounted for educational institutions.

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Blackberry Storm to hit Best Buy November 23rd

November 16th at 1:36 PM

Blackberry Storm to hit Best Buy November 23rd

We just want to warn all you Sunday newspaper readers out there: Don’t be alarmed when you flip to the Best Buy ad and see the Storm front and center on the Best Buy Mobile page for this Sunday. Yup, there it is in all its glory, supposedly available for sale today. It is even listed with a free Plantronics 360 bluetooth headset. Don’t go running down to Best Buy just yet though. It wont be there as these fliers were printed before the latest delay that pushed the Storm launch to November 23rd for Best Buy. A small disclaimer on its website confirms the new release date. So anyone who doesn’t want to brave the crowds at Verizon stores on release day can head on down to your local Best Buy one week from today and score yourself a Storm. Start robbing those piggy banks though, as the Storm without a contract as purchased from Best Buy will set you back a cool $599. Hit the jump to see the full Best Buy advertisement in this Sunday’s flier and the pricing page.

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Read (Storm product page)

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Second Gates & Seinfeld Ad debuts

September 12th at 9:35 AM

Second Gates & Seinfeld Ad debuts

On Thursday, Microsoft debuted the second advertisement in its recently launched marketing campaign to improve the public perception of Windows Vista. The first advertisement was met with mixed reactions. Some people noted the comedic qualities and loved it while others failed to see the humor and thought it made no sense. This second ad places Gates and Seinfeld in a house with a semi-dysfunctional family (whose family would be normal if you had those two as house guests?). It remains to be seen whether this marketing campaign will achieve it’s goal of rejuvenating the image of Windows but one thing is for sure: It has us talking and thinking about Microsoft again, especially in the wake of some recent Apple announcements. Pretty clever Microsoft, pretty clever.

Note: The version above is the full 4:30 version, not the clipped version that is currently running on TV.