Hulu mulls ad-free option in addition to standard, Plus plans

August 1st at 10:53 PM

Hulu mulls ad-free option in addition to standard, Plus plans

Hulu has confirmed that it is considering a third subscription option that would allow users to stream ad-free TV shows and movies for a higher monthly fee. “We’re currently an ad supported service but are looking into the option of a higher priced ad-free option,” a Hulu representative stated from an official Twitter account. Hulu made several additional comments to the same effect on Friday from its customer support Twitter account. The move would be an interesting one; Hulu dropped the price of its Hulu Plus premium subscription service to $7.99 last November, presumably due at least in part to slower than expected consumer adoption. A new pricier plan in spite of the recent price drop, that could also potentially anger network partners, is a tough pill to swallow —especially as the company looks for a buyer.

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20 Comments to nix free streaming to mobile, other devices

February 8th at 2:59 AM to nix free streaming to mobile, other devices

CBS-owned announced on Monday that it will soon discontinue its free ad-supported streaming music service for cell phones and home entertainment devices. is a custom Internet radio service that competes with the likes of Pandora and Slacker Radio. The service currently streams to computers, to cell phones and to various home entertainment devices such as DVD players and set-top boxes, with two available subscription models — a free ad-supported version and an ad-free version for $3 per month. As of February 15th, free streaming to mobile devices and to home entertainment devices will be shut off, with the exception of Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 devices, and only paid subscribers will be able to utilize the service. Delivering ad-supported streaming services to mobile and other non-PC devices is not practical, stated in a blog post, so the company will no longer offer the option. Free ad-supported streaming to’s website will remain, however, as will free streaming to the desktop PC app. The shift in strategy now creates a new speed bump for the service, as’s biggest competitors will continue to offer free streaming options for mobile and other devices. More →