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Twitter now delivers 350 billion tweets each day

Twitter now delivers an astonishing 350 billion tweets each day, the company said on Friday. “Delivering 350 billion Tweets a day is a terribly fun engineering challenge. But, it doesn’t capture how passionate our >>

Facebook hits 750 million users milestone

Facebook now has 750 million monthly active users worldwide, TechCrunch reported on Friday. That’s incredible growth since our June 1st story, which suggested that the social network was closing in on 700,000,000 users >>

Twitter announces promoted accounts, Google TV compatibility

Today, social networking company Twitter announced two upcoming features being added to their platform: promoted content and Google TV compatibility. First,  promoted content. Twitter has been dabbling in promoting individual tweets since back in April. >>

webOS 2.0 screen shots emerge

What do we have here? Chinese website has posted a plethora of screen shots — 24 to be exact — of the highly anticipated webOS 2.0. Form the screen shots we can see >>