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Verizon to offer the Tour with or without a camera

Despite the fact that BES admins can put IT policies into effect that physically prohibit their use, many companies, organizations and governments (and gym locker rooms) flat our refuse to give their employees >>

BlackBerry Tour goes live on Verizon Wireless' site

Well, our tipster was indeed correct. And let’s be honest here for a sec; we’ve nailed this puppy to the wall. Verizon faithful will be overjoyed to find out that the BlackBerry Tour >>

Verizon Wireless CEO confirms BlackBerry Tour is coming soon

Speaking at a recent Barclays Capital conference in NYC, Verizon Wireless president and CEO Lowell McAdam discussed Verizon’s upcoming handset portfolio, again. Without revealing any release dates and sticking to his “six month&rdquo >>

BlackBerry Tour hitting Verizon Wireless in July?

BlackBerry Tour? Oh yeah. Now that that’s been confirmed, we’re on to bigger and better things — release dates! The latest information we’ve heard is that the BlackBerry Tour is shaping up to >>