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AT&T offering refurbished BlackBerry Bold for free

In the market for a new AT&T smartphone? Don’t care if it’s refurbished? The BlackBerry Bold is about as good as it gets from AT&T right now, and those of you who haven’t >>

BlackBerry Bold pulled from shelves in Japan

It looks like four bands of HSPA is too much for a BlackBerry to handle as Japanese carrier DoCoMo has suspended all sales of the Bold due to overheating issues. Since its February >>

BlackBerry Bold nearing release on AT&T?

If you have a BlackBerry Bold operating on AT&T, this morning you would have woke to a few new icons and service books for YellowPages.com Mobile and TeleNav AT&T Navigator. In fact, some >>

RIM CEO says AT&T still testing Blackberry Bold

It looks like RIM is saying, “Hey, don’t look at us! AT&T is still conducting testing!” Whomever we decide to point the finger toward is just beyond important anymore. The device was announced >>