OS 4.5 finally official for AT&T

December 12th at 5:21 PM

OS 4.5 finally official for AT&T

Sure, it’s been on the BlackBerry download site for a while now, but AT&T has finally started to announce the arrival of OS 4.5 for three of its handsets: the 8820, 8320 and 8310. We’re guessing that AT&T is subtly trying to say that if you’re device isn’t covered there is a Bold with your name on it at your nearest AT&T store. That or sit tight and wait until we get our act together (tip: Delete vendor.xml and you can use any carriers OS builds on your BlackBerry so long as it’s designed for the same device).

Anyway, OS 4.5 has a heck of a lot of improvements over its predecessors so if you don’t have it you owe it to yourself to start the process here.


BlackBerry BIS 2.5 presentation, OS 4.5 not coming ’til September!

June 28th at 10:36 AM

BlackBerry BIS 2.5 presentation, OS 4.5 not coming ’til September!

By now you all have heard that BlackBerry BIS 2.5 is rolling out to U.S. carriers on June 29th. Heck, there’s even going to be some downtime. But, maybe that isn’t enough? Maybe you’d like more information. We’ve definitely got you covered in that area. We just got a hold of this presentation outlining BIS 2.5 and all the various features. The sad part? As some of you know, all the sexy stuff requires BlackBerry OS 4.5 which according to the presentation will not be available until September. That’s not to say some of you aren’t running it already, but September guys? For reals? Head on over to the gallery to check it out for yourself, but we’ll break down the more interesting stuff here for all you lazy bums:

  • You can save attachments including audio and video formats.
  • Full list of supported downloadable attachments are: .doc, .ppt., .xls, .wpd, .txt, .html, .pdf, .zip, and the aforementioned audio / video formats.
  • File size of attachments is limited to 3MB.
  • The 4.5 OS will be “available for all BlackBerry’s in September.” This includes the 8100, 8800, 8820, 8300, 8310, 8120, and the 8110. No 8320 love?
  • “If a BlackBerry launches before September, it will have 4.5 software.”
  • Addition of push AOL email and Hotmail/MSN accounts.

Click on over to our BlackBerry BIS 2.5 presentation gallery!


Rogers June launches: BlackBerry Bold, HTC Shift, ROKR E8, and more

May 19th at 7:46 AM

Rogers June launches: BlackBerry Bold, HTC Shift, ROKR E8, and more


One of Roger ninjas hit us up to give us the breakdown of mobile device launches for the month of June. It’s a pretty impressive line-up if you ask us. As usual, dates do change, but this is what we got so far:

  • BlackBerry Bold launch time frame is June 9th-29th. (we don’t have an exact date just yet)
  • The HTC Shift will launch on Rogers within the next 10 days. Rumored date is May 22nd, and it’s going for $1,500 on a 3-year agreement.
  • The Motorola E8 will be making the trek up north for a June launch. No specific launch date or pricing info yet.
  • The Motorola ROKR U9 which as we’re told was supposed to be launched in May, will now be launched in June on Fido.
  • Motorola’s W755r (same exact model AT&T has) will also be coming to Rogers in June.
  • We’ve also been told Rogers will not be getting the BlackBerry 8320. They are sticking to the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8820 for their UMA action.

I think we’ve about covered it for now. Also, the BlackBerry Bold date seems a tad early, so we’d guess it would be launched towards the tail-end of that timeframe. AT&T should either launch before that date, or soon after as we can’t imagine Rogers getting it first. But that’s our own prediction and not based off actual AT&T internal information. Who’s excited out there