Fido to offer BlackBerry as of February 4

January 21st at 10:05 AM

Fido to offer BlackBerry as of February 4

Good news for all of the Fido BlackBerry wannabes out there. As expected and just like we told you last week, Fido did indeed begin training its employees for the arrival of BlackBerry with a targeted launch date of February 4. Sadly it looks like Fido really is going to start things off with the Pearl 8100, but at least it’s going to allow people to BYOBB. Well, unofficially at least.

The 8100 will go for $400 month-to-month/off contract, $350 on a 2-year, and $25 on a 3-year with voice and data. As for the data plans to be offered, they are as follows:

  • $15 – Unlimited personal email and IM
  • $25 – 500MB
  • $30 – 1GB
  • $60 – 3GB

BES won’t be offered as Fido is now a low-cost carrier and its parent company Rogers would prefer you to get your BES on with them, but tethering is allowed at no additional cost. You know, unless you go over your data limit.

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Fido decides to offer BlackBerry afterall; training starts next week

January 11th at 1:27 PM

Fido decides to offer BlackBerry afterall; training starts next week

For a while we’ve been saying that Fido is going to start selling BlackBerry devices and services, and now it looks like the company is finally ready take the leap. Fido reps and CSRs have been told that BlackBerry is on its way and training will begin sometime next week. Good news, right? Maybe not at first. Quite a few Fido employees have told us that Fido is going make the Pearl 8100 its first available device. We’re hoping that this isn’t the case and Fido is full steam ahead with the 8220, but there just might be something to it. RIM declared the 8100 was at the end of its life over a year ago meaning that production has stopped and Fido should not be able to order any. However, it is possible that Fido could take on whatever 8100s its parent company Rogers hasn’t been able to sell, have the Fido logo slapped on the antenna cover, get a box printed up and call it a day. The problem with that option is that when booting up the phone a Rogers logo would appear as it’s burnt into the firmware. Sure, Fido could use the VSM tool to swap in a Fido logo but that would be so much work considering it would need to upgrade all 8100s from OS 4.2.1 to 4.5. Time will tell, but at least BlackBerry is looking closer than ever for Fido users.