Android-powered HTC Desire gets FCC approval, Wi-Fi certification

September 28th at 1:00 PM

Android-powered HTC Desire gets FCC approval, Wi-Fi certification


While Android-craving Verizon subscribers continue to wait impatiently for official word of Motorola’s VZW-bound Android phone, it looks as though Big Red could be preparing to announce the HTC Desire just as soon. We’ve already seen the mysterious handset allegedly pop up in Verizon’s system and now more good news for the eager legions of Android hopefuls: the HTC Desire, a.k.a. ADR6200 or ADR6200VW, has not only received a nod of approval from the FCC, it has also gained Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance. A diligent and resourceful tipster just dropped word of both in our inbox and now that these approval processes are out of the way, it’s only a matter of time. Considering news finally came today that the Sholes is FCC approved as well, perhaps VZW is preparing an Android spectacular of sorts. We’d love nothing more, Verizon.

Thanks, Scott!

Read (FCC approval)
Read (Wi-Fi certification, PDF)


Android-powered HTC Desire 6200 has Verizon in its sights

September 1st at 5:00 PM

Android-powered HTC Desire 6200 has Verizon in its sights

It looks like it soon may be raining Android handsets in Big Red country as yet another handset touting the Google OS has reportedly been spied in Verizon’s inventory system. The image above is an alleged screen capture showing the previously unheard of HTC Desire 6200 sitting pretty in VZW’s system. We know the Sholes will be announced a week from today and last we heard, the Calgary still isn’t set to drop for a while but what when did VZW start getting gaga over Android and what is this mysterious third Android handset? We suppose it could also be the HTC Click, though that’s pure speculation for the time being. The Hero perhaps? It is pretty desirable no doubt, but rumblings suggest that the Hero may be a Sprint exclusive for a while to come. The only other info provided by the source of the screenshot is that the Desire will be a Google-branded handset, meaning no Sense UI. We’ll keep an ear to the ground but truth be told, the only Android handset headed to VZW that we’ll be caring about for the next week or so it the Sholes.