Microsoft clarifies Windows Marketplace for Mobile kill switch

September 18th at 1:20 PM

Microsoft clarifies Windows Marketplace for Mobile kill switch

Good news, future Windows Phone owners — Microsoft has further clarified its position on the app kill switch tied to Windows Mobile 6.5 we reported earlier this week. Apparently it’s not as bad as everyone thought. In short, the remote deletion of apps from users’ handsets will supposedly only occur in the event an app goes haywire:

In the vast majority of instances where an application is removed from Windows Marketplace for Mobile, users of this application will continue to be able to use these applications on their phones. In the rare event an application from Marketplace exhibits harmful behavior or has unforeseen effects, Marketplace has the capability to remotely uninstall these applications. While we hope to avoid this scenario, we will make refunds available in such cases.

So in the end — assuming Microsoft holds true to its statement — the Marketplace for Mobile kill switch shouldn’t have any negative impact on users. Of course “unforeseen effects” leaves a bit of room for interpretation, but Redmond’s vow to issue refunds in the event an app is remotely uninstalled should help everyone feel all warm and fuzzy again. Satisfied, WinMo fans?



AT&T to launch the Tilt 2 on October 18th? [UPDATED]

September 18th at 9:50 AM

AT&T to launch the Tilt 2 on October 18th? [UPDATED]


Oh no, we’re not done just yet ladies and gents. We already know October 6th is going to be a glorious day and now it looks like AT&T subscribers will be able to join in on the fun. Have you been feeling left out, wondering when AT&T would finally launch the HTC Touch Pro2 that is already available from T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon? Dry those eyes, as AT&T apparently had a good reason to hold off on the launch. According to our ninja, AT&T is preparing to launch the Pro2 — dubbed Tilt 2 by AT&T as we already know — on October 6th. Since the release will come after Windows Mobile 6.5 becomes a reality on the 6th, it’s a safe bet that the Tilt 2 will pack WinMo 6.5 right out of the box if all goes according to plan. Sure, it might have taken a while but AT&T fans can now take solace in knowing they’ll be rocking 6.5 while other Pro2 owners are busy trying to upgrade.

UPDATE: It looks like the target release date of the 6th will be missed due to a few bugs that still need to be ironed out and tested. The new target is apparently October 18th.