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Will the Galaxy S10 be Samsung’s first 5G phone?

Somehow, we’re already flooded with Galaxy S10 rumors even though Samsung’s next big thing will be the Galaxy Note 9, due this summer. However, some reports say the Galaxy S10 might launch earlier than >>

In-depth report on wireless radiation is bad news for 5G

The link between cell phone radiation and cancer is one that’s never going to be fully resolved. Studies have shown that while there is some statistical link between exposure to cellphone radiation and >>

5G is the real reason the US is so afraid of Huawei

After many years of talking about the next evolutionary step in mobile communication technology, 5G is finally within reach. The network equipment and mobile chips that make 5G data transfer speeds possibly will >>

5G laptops to launch in late 2019, Intel says

Intel on Thursday announced partnerships with a bunch of PC makers out there, Microsoft included, to launch 5G laptops as soon as next year’s holiday season. The news came on the same day >>

These 3 cities will be the first to get real 5G

According to everything we’ve heard, 2018 will be the year that 5G stops being a distantly-whispered myth and starts becoming reality. The standards for 5G have been agreed by the telecoms industry, chip >>