Nokia 5800 XpressMusic headed to Rogers

June 3rd at 3:18 PM

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic headed to Rogers

Well hello there, mister Blurrycam. It seems that lately, Rogers is all about firsts. Yesterday, Rogers released the world’s first two Android handsets north of the border. Hell, even Joshua Jackson came out to celebrate. Next up for the carrier — Nokia’s first S60 5th Edition handset, the 5800 XpressMusic. According to promotional signage found in various The Source locations, the 5800 is well on its way to joining the Motorola ROKR E8 and the upcoming Sony Ericsson W705 to form a solid music phone lineup. No pricing yet unfortunately and as for release timing, we have word that not all Rogers employees have received training on the device so it could be a while. Apparently The Source got a little excited. So… If Pacey was on hand for the Magic and Dream launch, do you think Rogers will be able to break Joey out of whatever cage Tom Cruise is keeping her in for the 5800 launch?

Thanks, Hassan!


Flash Lite 3.1 hits the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

June 1st at 11:01 AM

Flash Lite 3.1 hits the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

You know that really fun game you play, Nokia smartphone owners, where a firmware update is released in one region and you get to sit there all angry until your product code is finally recognized and NSU allows you to update? Well apparently Adobe is familiar with that game as well because an updated version of Flash Lite for the 5800 XpressMusic has just been released. Rather than force users to wait for Nokia to finally get around to issuing a firmware update, the new Flash Lite build is available as a stand alone update. Woo! Here’s the change log according to Adobe:

  • Improved Web Browsing, 91% of top 500 internet sites
  • Flash 9 (AS2 only) support
  • Local Connection / HTML Text / GetURL_target / CSS support / WMode
  • H.264 support / Improved video support (smoothing, seek)
  • Improved memory handling for images
  • MP3 Streaming support
  • Support for hardware acceleration – Flash Lite 3.1 supports OpenVG 1.1 to improve flash rendering performance on capable devices
  • Linux Reference port

Now it’s true that the update might not be available for all regions just yet, but at least we can anticipate a shorter wait than if we were waiting for new firmware. Users who can access the update are reporting much smoother in-broswer video playback so it should be worth the [hopefully brief] wait. To see if the update is available in your region, check the App Update app on your 5800.