BlackBerry Tour OS available now from Verizon Wireless

September 18th at 6:34 PM

BlackBerry Tour OS available now from Verizon Wireless


If you didn’t catch the leaked version of that appeared yesterday for the BlackBerry Tour, you’ll be pleased as punch to know that Verizon has officially kicked off the first software maintenance release for the device. The version which we told you about does fix and improve many different aspects of the operating system, yet it’s still not quite perfect. Here’s an official list or change log we put together:

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BlackBerry Tour MR1 OS to be

September 17th at 12:36 PM

BlackBerry Tour MR1 OS to be


We’ve been hearing rumors of a September MR for the BlackBerry Tour for a while now. Even though OS didn’t turn out to be the first official new software release, we believe we now have a winner. We’ve just got word that the official maintenance release for the BlackBerry Tour due out around October 1st will be OS I’ve been running this on my Tour for a pretty long time and even though it does manage to speed up the phone a bit, it’s really not the answer I think many Tour owners are looking for. Better than nothing, though! At least until 5.0 gets here…

Thanks, Rob!