Koodo Mobile now supports HSDPA devices

June 29th at 12:02 AM

Koodo Mobile now supports HSDPA devices


Good news for Koodo customers who have spare HSDPA phones lying around, as the Canadian carrier today announced that it is now fully supporting HSDPA handsets. Koodo, a value brand owned and operated by Telus, was launched in mid-2008. One of its main selling points is the “Tab” payment system. With the Tab, customers are able to get a new phone at a discounted rate and pay for it in monthly increments. When the balance is paid off, customers start earning a positive balance on their Tab which can be used towards the purchase of a new handset. Koodo didn’t single out any HSDPA devices in its press release, although for now it looks like the only HSDPA phone being offered is the Nokia 3710, which is priced at $25 on a Tab, or $125 outright.

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Fido's Q2 plans and devices leaked

March 29th at 5:18 PM

Fido's Q2 plans and devices leaked


It looks like Fido’s corporate security team isn’t having its best month because someone aptly nicknamed “FidoMarketing” has leaked the details of its Q2 handset and price plans. There’s not a heck of a lot of exciting things here, although the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is listed and is apparently coming very soon:

  • BlackBerry Pearl 9100 – May 4th
  • LG GW300 – April 13th
  • Nokia 3710 – May 18th
  • Nokia X3 – May 18th
  • Novatel Wireless MC988DF – May (singled out for being 28.8Mbps, a sign of things to come to Fido/Rogers no doubt)
  • Sony Ericsson Aspen – June

In terms of plans, Fido is still struggling to find its identity. It has really cheap handsets, yet the plans that go along with them are pretty mediocre for Canadian standards. FidoUNO, Fido’s UMA service, will be decommissioned as of June 1st, but a new CarryOver Minutes plan (not available to City Fido or corporate customers) will be introduced which allows one to accumulate rollover minutes over 6 moths. Data plans will also get a bit of a change with news plans with the introduction of Wireless Internet Options. Basically what it all boils down to according to the documents is this:

  • $15 – Unlimited Email and IM
  • $15 – 100MB/100MB BIS
  • $25 – 500MB/500MB BIS
  • $30 – 1GB/1GB BIS
  • $40 – 2GB/2GB BIS
  • $40 – 3GB
  • $50 – 5GB
  • $50 – 15GB [sic]
  • $80 – 8GB
  • $150 – 15GB

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