Android’s U.S. smartphone OS market share plateaus in latest Nielsen report

May 31st at 3:52 PM

Android’s U.S. smartphone OS market share plateaus in latest Nielsen report

According to new data released by Nielsen on Tuesday, Android’s market share has hit a plateau in the United States. Android remains the most popular operating system — ahead of iOS and BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile — with a 36% share of the market. However, that figure is on a par with the 37% share it had in Nielsen’s last report, released in April, when the operating system made a 22% leap over the study released in June 2010. Nielsen also found that 26% of U.S. mobile users own an iPhone, 23% carry a BlackBerry, 9% use Windows Mobile, 2% carry HP webOS devices, 2% have a Symbian-powered phone, and just 1% have a Windows Phone 7 device. Android users devour the most data, too, downloading an average of 582MB of data each month, compared to the 492MB of data that iOS users download and the 448MB of data HP webOS users consume. Hit the jump for a two more charts reflecting data from Nielsen’s report. More →


Rogers reinstates 24-month hardware upgrade program

October 29th at 11:49 AM

Rogers reinstates 24-month hardware upgrade program

Following up on a story we broke last week: it looks like Rogers Wireless has reverted back to a 24-month term for their customer hardware upgrade program. The program — which previously allowed customers to upgrade handsets, with full subsidies, after fulfilling 24-months of a 36-month contract — was adjusted last week, requiring customers to fulfill a 30-month term before getting the discounted pricing. Now, according to a second company communication, it looks like Rogers will be reinstating the 24-month hardware upgrade term. A memo to employees reads:

Last week, we communicated some changes about our Hardware Upgrade Policy (HUP) eligibility. To ensure our current promotions are clear and consistent, Data to Data HUP eligibility will be revised to 24-months as of October 28. This current promotion aligns Voice to Voice, Voice to Data and Data to Data eligibility all to 24-months.

Important Note about Hardware Upgrades
To remain competitive and increase customer loyalty, we regularly offer customers promotional options to upgrade their hardware before the expiry of their current commitments. However, it is important to remember that our HUP program is a promotion and not a plan feature. These promotions are subject to change and as a result, should not be promised to customers at the point of sale.

Back to business as usual in Canada. Anyone feeling relieved?

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Rogers to offer customers early equipment upgrade… after 30 months

October 20th at 2:57 PM

Rogers to offer customers early equipment upgrade… after 30 months

You think signing a 2-year cellular contract is bad? Think about our poor brethren up north! Canadian carriers frequently require a 3-year contract in order for customers to obtain the most aggressive handset discounts; which means you are stuck with your phone of choice for an entire 36-months. Pretty rough. According to a memo obtained by BGR, the company will allow its customers to upgrade to a new device after only 30 months of service when inking a new 3-year deal — previously, the carrier allowed such an upgrade after only 24-months. What do you think Canadian friends? Sound-off.

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